“I can do whatever I want in comedy”

"I can do whatever I want in comedy"

Oliver Poacher expresses himself again about the Gill Ofrim scandal.

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Video of Gil Ofrim, which he posted in early October instagram Uploaded, still much discussed. In it he said that a Leipzig hotel employee had asked him to wrap his necklace with the Star of David after “someone from the corner” asked him to do so. Only then is he allowed to check in. Previously, they were not taken into account for a long time when checking-in. Now the matter is being investigated. Ofrim also filed two complaints after receiving a complaint for defamation.

On Sunday, “Build” finally published footage from a surveillance camera showing Gil Ofrim inside and in front of the hotel that day. The Star of David necklace, which he claims he was wearing, could not be seen on it. He told Watson: “I wore my necklace as usual. I wear it on social networks or even while performing, so I was attacked. I wore them the day before I was in a television production. These photos/broadcasts will also come.”

The singer denied the allegation that he had chained only when he shot his Instagram video. He could again say 100 percent that he was wearing a chain around his neck the whole time. Since the publication of the recording, further questions have arisen regarding the events described. Oliver Pocher After the report came in the newspaper, a video parody of the matter was filmed. Now he talks about the anti-Semitic scandal again in his latest podcast episode.

Oliver Pocher explains what he thinks about the Ofrim case

After the publication of the video of Gil Ofrim, whom he also knows personally, Oliver Pocher initially expressed solidarity with him. He wrote on Instagram: “Must be somewhere over 30 percent AfD In saxony Outside! Amira agreed: “Speech! You should be ashamed! “The two went back in their own ways. On Instagram, Pocher wrote the following about a video that shows him sitting on a curb based on Ophirem:

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“Guys, I’ve been living in Germany for 43 years and nothing crazy has ever happened to me! Please share this video and come visit me or listen to my podcast. I’m just shocked because I’m discriminated against.” Is, excommunicated and based only on my religion and my status as a superhero will be reduced! Please refrain from press inquiries (unless it is well paid and I have a day off). “

Amira said in her story after the “Build” report about surveillance recordings: “And that’s why I’m never someone who quickly shares any video that’s going viral and once I get it And then something happens?! Very disappointed! Before we use our reach and jump on a bandwagon, we should all wait and question first! I’m doing it again now! “In any case, further developments are still unclear as the evaluation is yet to be completed. police Couldn’t give any info on the material yet, it had already been said.

In the podcast, Pocher explained his video, which he shot as part of the Ofrim debate, as follows: “I used it again to reduce it to absurdity.” And further: “I think it’s amazing that people on social media, who totally miss my ass, get upset by this and say: ‘You can’t say that, you can’t do that. ‘ I wanted to sum up the people very briefly: Yes, I can do all this, I can do whatever I want in comedy. I can make fun of whomever I want.”

One may not find it nice, funny or funny. “And if Gil Ofrim did it, making fun of it is the easiest thing you can do. And you have to go two steps further.” When Amira asked which comedy is allowed and what is not, the comedian told her:

You should try not to make a clumsy number out of it, said the father of five. According to Pochar, the Ofrim case will continue and there will be a final one. The whole situation is extremely complex and in cases like Gil Ofrim, a simple yes-no answer will not suffice. In any case, it is important that there is no reason to be anti-Semitic, Pocher clarified. no one is allowed because of that Religion to be marginalized


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