Crazy Alcohol Party “Who Steals From Ollie Schultz?”: Extra Schnapps at the Campfire | Entertainment

Crazy Alcohol Party "Who Steals From Ollie Schultz?": Extra Schnapps at the Campfire |  Entertainment

It was a wet and pleasant evening.

It Was His Big Day: Singer, Presenter and Podcaster Ollie Schulzo (48) last week overpowered “Who’s Stealing the Show” host Jocko Winterscheidt (43) and was allowed to present his own show this Tuesday evening. He came up with something special for it: He appeared in a Boy Scout uniform and started the evening with a guitar song.

He let the enthusiastic audience get his hands on him until he enthusiastically declared: “It’s the big Ollie Schultz holiday camp show! Just light your living room table and grill your bread on a stick.”

With Joko, then there was a campfire in the middle of the studio and Ollie had already thrown the saying: “Now I will ask you to come very close to the flame with your face.” Where earlier large coins were used as jokers. For the final game, Schultz packed cans of camp and festival-ready ravioli as an option and then raised his “Olis TV Holiday Camp” flag with Winterscheid and trumpeter in the background.

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Fahri Yardim confesses sexual orientation

However, in the first game “The Light 5”, Schulz faced serious disappointments. When he asked the candidates to write one of his songs, rival Fahri Yardim (42) had no idea at all and guessed wildly: “Hamburg!” Actress Neelam Farooq (32) claimed: “Houseboat.”

Again Ollie was stunned and sighed: “Houseboat was a huge hit for me, but unfortunately only as a TV series.” Only Jocko and wildcard candidate Chiara (30) came up with a short Ollie Schultz song: “Coke and the Hookers.”

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Soon after, Schultz wanted to bring back that real camp feeling. He grabbed his guitar and sat around the campfire with his quiz friends, who were also allowed to bake bread on a stick.

Ollie took advantage of the moment to reveal a secret or two to Fahri: “Today we want to get to know the man behind the mask. Tell me something about yourself!” Yardim smiled excitedly at him. “I’m in love. I think I’m pansexual. I feel like I love everything!”

Ollie Schultz wanted to get some secrets out of actor Fahri Yardim, and went to great lengths with the man.

Photo: ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

The love with the later children’s play classic “Plumpsack” was gone too quickly. Yardim slipped and slid on a log: “It’s slippery here, man. F*** man, why are you doing this?” Shortly after, he groaned: “I’m a little sick of bread on a stick.”

Ollie politely offered her a bucket: “Let it go, friend.”

Schnapps Party at the Campfire

But Fahri had other urgent needs: “I want wine. Just a little…”

And so Ollie made a schnapps bottle and joked: “My grandfather distilled it then. He died during the distillation.” Schultz still wanted to give a toast: “Every day the sun rises, every day night gives way to the light. You see everything over and over again, not just borrowed tools.”

Ollie Schultz threw himself in a Boy Scout outfit for his show

Ollie Schultz threw himself in a Boy Scout outfit for his show

Photo: ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

Although the high-percentage had it all, Schultz found it difficult to continue designing the show confidently: “Hazelnut schnapps and then presenting a TV show is never a good idea.” Fahri also had a sitting and developed wild thought: “Hey, we wanna jump on the fire naked?”

After Neelam and Chiara (30) finished, they fought with Jocko in the game “I forgot the answer right away” for a place in the finals, but could hardly stop laughing at the sight: “You’re too drunk. You are raising their voice too. I can tell with a smile!”

However, when it was revealed that Joko entered the finals and was allowed to try to get his show back, he quickly lost his laughter.

With Success: After a one-on-one race, Jocko Winterscheidt defeated his opponent, Ollie Schultz, and the following Tuesday “Who’s Stealing the Show?” will be the master.

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