“I wish I was a little bigger”: Farmer Patrick Romer digs into IHR Entertainment

"I wish I was a little bigger": Farmer Patrick Romer digs into IHR Entertainment

The lone farmer is now digging it!

The “Summer House of the Stars” scandal candidate has been separated from his girlfriend Antonia Hemmer, 22, for only about a month. Patrick Romer (27) is again seen in a flirty mood.

The blatant fuss about his ex-relationship (he buttered his girlfriend Antonia several times on TV with macho sayings)? Obviously this is old news to TV Farmer, who already has a new object of desire in his sight.

Who turned Patrick’s head? None other than blasphemy legend Desiree Nicks (66)!

You can get in on the excitement: Desi Nicks loves to flaunt her tight curves on Instagram, still in great shape at age 66

Photo: Nickdesiree/Instagram

And how impressed Farmer is with the TV star, anyone who looks closely can now see: Patrick flatters Nick on Instagram, languishing in the comments under one of his posts.

Patrick waves below a scantily clad Instagram photo of his girlfriend: “I wish I was a little bigger.”

Somebody get a fair reprimand: Patrik is taking a dig at Desi, the woman of his dreams

Somebody get a fair reprimand: Patrick is digging around his dream woman Desiree

Photo: Credit: Desiree Nicks / Instagram

and Desiree? She seems to have at least a business interest in the young farmer: “I’d invite you over to talk.” The Fastest Tongue in Germany is a podcaster who regularly invites celebrity guests to “Loose Luder”.

Now she clearly wants to give that honor to Patrick, but it’s not enough for her. He replies to her podcast invitation: “I hope not just for the talk.”

“You can pick up a buggy”

But with such raging enthusiasm, the blasphemous bitch is clearly over, she braked the macho farmer on Instagram again: “No, you can take a slap!” Ouch! This rejection was successful, Macho Farmer also checks it and only replies with “ouch”.

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But in what sounds like a painful surprise for the TV farmer, fans already had their suspicions under Nick’s Instagram post. A follower wrote just after Patrick’s first overture: “You can’t go around with a woman like Mrs Nick, she’ll whistle you.”

As a reminder: in the “Summer House” Patrick made a real scandal with his ex Antonia. She publicly berated and insulted her ex-partner, she just seemed to put up with it. The photo the former couple gave? Scary for many.

This Was Once Love: Antonia and Patrick are now going their separate ways

This Was Once Love: Antonia and Patrick are now going their separate ways

Photo: Picture Alliance / Stefan Gregorovius

After the “Summer House” debacle, Antonia and Patrick initially seem to be pulling together, but their relationship on the other hand doesn’t stand the test.

This is how Antonia explained their relationship in November: “The situation is that we are separated. A lot of things just happened and by that I don’t just mean the ‘summer house’, but because of personal, internal reasons. which made it impossible for the relationship to continue.”

For a new chance at love, Macho Farmer must keep looking around, because even Nick doesn’t want that much drama…

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