Big update for the phone: what will change from today

Big update for the phone: what will change from today

Apple has ended the release candidate of the next iPhone version iOS 16.2. It is expected that every iPhone user will be offered the latest iOS version in the form of a software update on Tuesday evening.

The update also includes more features that did not make it into the final release, but were sold by Apple as “Big iOS 16 Novelties”. For example, iPhone users running iOS 16.2 can upgrade to the newer whiteboard app called freeform be happy.

The app promises to bring your ideas to life. Alone or in a team, you can sketch projects, design a mood board, or start brainstorming sessions on the flexible canvas that supports almost any file type. And with iCloud, all your boards stay in sync, whether you’re working on your Mac, your iPad or your iPhone.

Apple Music Sing: Karaoke feature coming to iPhone

Based on the Live Text function, the karaoke feature will be integrated into the Apple Music music streaming service. The new feature allows users to sing along to their favorite songs with synced lyrics and customizable vocals.

Apple Music Sing offers different views for the lyrics. The fans can therefore take on front or background vocals or alternately sing a duet.

The prerequisite for “Apple Music Sing” is an existing Apple Music subscription.

iOS 16.2: More innovation – but also a limit

In addition, new lock screen widgets are to be introduced for sleep mode and for taking pills in good time. In addition, some bugs have been fixed, for example in the camera app, and a new Added “Easy” mode to Accessibility.

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But also an unusual limitation with iOS 16.2: Apple initially limited the free reception of AirDrop data transmissions on the iPhone in China. German users are now also affected by the ban. What will actually change: Instead of the AirDrop option “for everyone”, from iOS 16.2 the only option in Settings is to keep the reception open for a maximum of 10 minutes.

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