The Great Ace Attorney History erscheint am 27. Julie • Nintendo Connect

The Great Ace Attorney History erscheint am 27. Julie • Nintendo Connect

with Video message By Ace Taku series director Shu Takumi Great Ace Attorney History Declared for North America and Europe. The game will be available for the first time in Germany from 27 July. The collection tells the story of the ancestor of Phoenix Wright, the protagonist of the iconic Ace Attorney Courtroom Adventure Series.

Take you in Great Ace Attorney History The role of a defense attorney who monitors evidence and argues in court to ensure an impartial verdict. The collection shines with “newly recorded English voice” and includes games Great Ace Attorney: Adventures And Great Ace Attorney 2: ResolutionWhich were previously only available in Japan.

Description too Great Ace Attorney History:

Great Ace Attorney History Set in the late 19th century during the Japanese Meiji period and the Victorian era of England and the main character follows Ryunosuke Naruhodo, who works to uncover the truth in testimony and remove his clients’ names in court. is. You’ll unravel the mysteries behind 10 exciting cases with crazy-exaggerated characters, including top local detective Herlock Sholames.

In true Ace Attorney fashion, you will test your attorney skills, gather evidence, interview important witnesses, and eventually defend your clients in the courtroom. With two additional sports facilities, potential attorneys are a must see Great Ace Attorney History Prepare for investigations and court battles like you have never seen before. During the investigation, you can team up with Herlock Sholames and “dance the cut” to find additional clues or spot errors. In the courtroom, you will take part in a “summary exam”, where you will have to point out disagreements among gamblers in the hope of achieving a prestigious “not guilty” verdict.

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Great Ace Attorney History Exciting bonus content, including eight additional mini-episodes and three optional costumes, has previously been released as DLC content in Japan. Additionally, the collection includes artwork, a special look at the music, and insight into the game’s voice recordings through the newly added art gallery and auditorium.

Great Ace Attorney History To be released on July 27, 2021 Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steamer. There is also a bundle Great Ace Attorney History And this Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Triology available.

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