Ice Hockey / DEL2: Judd Blackwater arrives at the Heilbroner Falken

Ice Hockey / DEL2: Judd Blackwater arrives at the Heilbroner Falken

Judd Blackwater could have followed in Derek Damon’s footsteps.

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The Canadian coach is a longtime friend of Jason Morgan – and he will play a key role in the team.

One thing hurt the Heilbroner Falcons last season: in many respects, the foreigners made the difference between victory and defeat. With the injury to Ian Brady, the only difference a player could make was incapacity for the entire season. You must have seen this in many scenes. Similarly, newcomers to import points were only able to explain temporarily. So it was clear: all four foreign positions had to be filled excellently.

Now the Heilbroner Falken has issued the first license. to a Canadian. Judd Blackwater is about to pursue Unterlander in search of goals and points in the future. A veteran player who played in North America for a long time in the ECHL and AHL before daring to cross the Atlantic in 2013. Among other things, he was active for five seasons in Slovak First Division club HK Nitra, where he scored almost one point per game and was also the Slovak champion.

Successful team: Heilbroner Falcons’ trainer and Judd Blackwater became champions together

Heilbroner Falken’s latest addition was active in Romania – and together with SC Sixtzerda achieved the first league championship there, and the team finished as runners-up in the Romanian league. So it’s also clear how the Falcons found out about him, as Heilbroner Falcons coach Jason Morgan worked there as a coach. Blackwater was the second best scorer in the team and the fifth best scorer in the league. “He played a big role in us winning the championship,” explains the coach.

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For Morgan, the 33-year-old is an almost perfect player. “He has a strong straight pick-up, a good hand, a good observation, is not afraid of any physical contact and is always committed to his teammates.” So it is clear that he was brought in as a key player. The type is reminiscent of Derek Damon. That would make him exactly the kind of player the Falcons missed so much last season.

Heilbroner Falken: Judd Blackwater looking forward to his role as a leader

Blackwater himself is overjoyed to assume a leadership role on the Falcons team: “My family and I are already looking forward to coming to Heilbronn. I hope we can build on the successful season at Sixtzerda.” Heilbroner of the Falcons The intention to continuously improve is in line with his philosophy: “This is one of the reasons I decided to come to the Falcon. For me and my family, the general situation in Heilbronn is really great, and we can hardly wait to come to Germany.” can do.”

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