Apple brings FaceTime to Android and Windows – via browser

Apple brings FaceTime to Android and Windows - via browser

Apple’s video chat app FaceTime will be more like Zoom: Apple will enable the software to be used on Android and Windows in the future.

during the developer conference WWDC 2021 and start of new tasks of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Apple announced that it will also bring FaceTime to Android and Windows. It looks like the company is positioning the application as an alternative to Zoom or Google Meet, but Apple doesn’t have native FaceTime apps for the two operating systems.

FaceTime for Android and Windows Comes Via Chrome or Edge

For many Apple users, FaceTime is the solution to video chat with family or friends. Until now, like many Apple applications, it was only available on its iOS and macOS operating systems – which would change with the announcement of iOS 15 and macOS 12: Apple users will be able to send the invite link to their contacts by email, WhatsApp or Calendar in the future. After this, they can use Android or Windows users to participate in the video chat.

The call can then be received on non-Apple operating systems using a browser such as Edge or Chrome. The condition is that the applications support the H.264 video codec. Apple emphasizes that FaceTime calls are still end-to-end encrypted.

FaceTime illustration from Apple: Beautiful iPhone next to an ugly Android smartphone with thick bezels and a notch. (image: apple)

FaceTime for Android and Windows with limited functions

Apple also announced several other updates for FaceTime, which will be made available in the fall. There’s a new option for a grid view and a function for sound isolation to improve sound quality during video calls. There’s also support for spatial audio and the option to put the background out of focus.

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iOS 15 brings a number of new FaceTime functions for sharing content on the iPhone – not all should be available for the web version. (image: apple)

Other innovations are “Share Play”, with which multiple users can watch videos or listen to music simultaneously and exchange ideas in video or via chat. It seems that these functions are not fully available to users of third-party platforms. The note in the footnote that shared content requires a subscription suggests that iOS and Android users will soon be able to watch movies simultaneously.

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