Ice hockey national coach Söderholm: “There were some mistakes” – Sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

Ice hockey national coach Söderholm: "There were some mistakes" - Sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

Twelve weeks after the first serious setback of his term in office, the World Cup begins for national ice hockey coach Tony Soderholm and his team. This is your chance to make amends.

National ice hockey coach Tony Soderholm has an instructive year behind him. In 2021, Koch missed out on a medal with the national team at the World Cup in Riga, Germany, making it to the semi-finals for the first time since 2010.

The first major setback of his tenure came in February when he lost the Olympics before the quarter-finals. On 13 May, the next World Cup, exclusive to Söderholm, starts in Helsinki against Canada (7:20 pm/Sport1 and Magentasport) in their native Finland. In an interview with the German Press Agency, the 44-year-old talks about his disappointment at the Olympics, his claims and the NHL trio on the team.

The Beijing Winter Games were disappointing. What happened in the World Cup that it could be considered compensation?

Tony Soderholm: “The important question for me is how can we answer the question. How do we win the game? That we can look at ourselves in the mirror again in terms of identity. We had high hopes, but somehow We win a little bit. It’s important that we don’t talk too much about the results.”

What mistakes might have been made in preparing for the Olympics and what lessons did you learn from them?

Soderholm: “There were some mistakes. One was bigger than the other. But that’s in the past now. I’ve bought a new mirror, now we have to move on.”

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Have the relationships between the players on the team and yours have changed as a result of the disappointment at the Olympics?

Soderholm: “Not at all. I think the subsequent conversation was worrying for everyone. It was also instructive to know how everyone reacts when things don’t go as expected. Everyone presents themselves better wants.”

Do you feel more pressure because the Olympics went worse than you expected?

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Soderholm: “Not at all. What does the Olympics have to do with this tournament? Zero.”

Last year at the World Championships in Riga, the team missed out on a medal. Would it be foolish to dream of another semi-final in a row?

Soderholm: “You can dream every day if you want, and maybe you should too. But first win the first point in the first game and then we’ll see what’s next. Hard, straight, tough – that’s how we work So that we can get to the point where we can be successful. That’s all I care about.”

What is the exact purpose of the World Cup?

Soderholm: “We haven’t done that yet.”

How disappointed are you that apparently all the national players can’t pull themselves together for this World Cup?

Soderholm: “There are many reasons. If a player is injured, he is injured. If a player has no energy, he has no energy. If a player feels that he cannot help the team So that doesn’t help and neither does the team and then we take the next one. I have nothing to discuss about it. Some are injured, so it’s frustrating for the players when they’re not there. could be.”

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NHL goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer should take the role of number one. How do you see his role in the team?

Soderholm: “He’s very important. Philipp’s character is also very good. He also brings a lot of confidence. He brings a spirit that boosts the confidence of the whole team. Technically, he is very strong. Technically, “He is very strong. His positional game is very strong.”

Mathias Niederberger is part of the World Cup squad along with Grubauer. To what extent can the situation be problematic if DEL’s best goalkeeper sits on the bench?

Söderholm: “It’s a normal situation in the World Cup. Usually you have your three best goalkeepers in the team and can only play one at a time. Of course, we made that clear already. I trust the boys.” Well, they get on very well with each other and with the situation clear.”

Defenseman Moritz Seder played a very strong role in the first NHL season. Where do you see the limits in its development?

Soderholm: “Is there anyone? I don’t think so.”

Moritz Cedar has always expressed great confidence in the past. How important is their role in the team?

Soderholm: “Important. I think he has a great balance between when he has to get serious and when it’s time to have fun. When he puts on his skates and goes out on the ice, it’s full business.” “

What burden can NHL striker Tim Stutzl already carry despite his young age?

Soderholm: “He can definitely take a lot. It’s important for us in the team to have the mindset that someone can score goals. Tim has a lot of offensive ability, is technically talented and reacts very quickly. His eyeballs.” And creativity is also at a very high level in the offensive.”

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Which is your favorite title?

Soderholm: I think you’ll have to overtake the Finns at some point. I think Canada will have a strong team. And it will be interesting to see what the Czechs do with Kari Jalonen as their new coach.

to the person: Tony Soderholm (44) surprisingly succeeded Marco Sturm at the end of 2018. At the time, there was a coach at ex-professional third division club SC Risserie. His departure from the German Ice Hockey Federation was expected after the World Championships in Helsinki and Tampere, until the Winter Games. At the end of March, Soderholm extended to 2026.

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