Ice hockey: Risserie deserves to lose 2:4 at Pettingo

Goalkeepers Michael Boehm and Simon Meyer are at a loss while a Piettinger celebrates his goal.
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of: Patrick Hilms

Red celebrates, white-blue looks stupid: goalkeepers Michael Boehm and Simon Meyer are at a loss. How many times this evening in Peiting. © Helmut Harold

SC Risserie couldn’t let their weekend go to sleep after Friday’s 8:1 win over Landsberg. On the other hand, EC Peeting’s performance on Sunday was weak, including a 4-2 loss.

beating 8:1 Fireworks after two bankruptcies at the start. Anyone who thought the knot would break at SC Resercy was left completely disappointed after the game at EC pitting on Sunday evening. White-blue deservedly beat 2:4, with occasional desolation performances.

Peiting constantly punishes Riessersee’s mistakes

The game started with very cautious ice hockey from both the teams. It was only from the tenth minute that SCR gained more game shares and was a dangerous first in the person of Lubor Dibelka in front of a goal from Florian Hechenreider. Now more consistent forechecking of guests had the effect. But in the midst of this request, the hosts made it 1-0. Simon Mayer shot from the blue line but was blocked by Sam Payur. Puck jumped into Peetinger’s run and had a clear path, as the white-blues waived safety. This should not happen to a team that is in the top five in the league.

The momentum was gone, confidence was back in Friday’s 8-1 win against Landsberg. Since then, the SCR has partially defended wild birds. Over and over again, the Garmisch-Partenkirchen team gets themselves into trouble because of inaccuracies in the passing game or when guiding the puck. The coordination between defensive and unprotected goalkeeper Michael Boehm was also missing.

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Compensation does not last long after the next default

Improvement came only at the end of the first third. The guests carried this little extra water to another section. With a majority, Robin Soudeck did not get the pass, turned around and then decided to score – 1:1. After a while, SCR was initially characterized by a strong manpower game, seconds later it was still unsolved with five players. Receipt: Peitinger’s 2:1. Within no time he got slapped. Goliath Boehm thought the disc was spinning behind his goal, but it bounced him straight in front of his goal. Lukas Gohlke said thanks and pushed it into the empty box to make it 3:1.

The ECP then threw off the guests with aggressive forechecking. Worked great as they were toxic and the SCR was sluggish. There is no trace of speed ice hockey that ended at the Rifle Festival on Friday. The words of Anton Raubal, who served as head coach for Pat Cortina, who was in Canada, were certainly clear in the dressing room, but they did not bear fruit. Risser, on the other hand, invited his hosts to continue scoring. Twelve seconds were played in the final third when Lucas Coziol served Felix Beauchemin-Brassard as if it were his own teammate. But she was wearing a red ECP jersey and she was already 4:1.

Only little hope for SCR

Then Peeting stepped forward, looking to take the lead over time. This gave hope to SCR again. Koziol puts his bat into Meyer’s shot – 4:2. The connection was in the air, but only for a short time. Because that evening the guests were not good enough to secure anything countable in the pitting. On the other hand, they could have been happier not to lose even more. This was not because of Peitinger’s square, but because of the partly underground presence of the riser. It was similar to Raubal’s: “Peating mercilessly exploited many of our mistakes and deserved to win.”

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