Ice Hockey World Cup: Czech Republic and United States clearly win – Canada must shiver

Ice Hockey World Cup: Czech Republic and United States clearly win - Canada must shiver

Finland’s win against Canada after a penalty. Image: Keystone

Czech Republic clearly defeated Slovakia – United States wins the group

On the last day of the group stage, the Czech Republic and Switzerland can celebrate a safe win. In the second group, the United States won the group ahead of Finland, while Canada relied on the help of Germany or Latvia to reach the quarter-finals.

Group A

Slovakia 3-7 Czech Republic

After a failed World Cup start with defeats against Russia and Switzerland, the Czech Republic was able to celebrate their fifth consecutive win. The Slovaks had no chance – after just 23 minutes they were three goals behind. The Czechs responded to the first Slovak goal with another three goals.

However, the Slovakians did not give up and tried after 3-6 without a goalkeeper. Libor Hajek then hit an empty goal for the final score. The Czech Republic finished third after Russia and Switzerland, while Slovakia also placed fourth in the quarter-finals. The group winners of Group B are waiting there, meet USA, Czech Republic Finland.

Slovakia – Czech Republic 3: 7 (0: 2, 1: 2, 2: 3)
Riga, Olympic Sports Center. SR Brugman / Gouin (USA / CAN), Constantinou / Oliver (FRA / USA).
tore: 1. (0:29) Zadina (Hajek, Moravacic) 0: 1. 16. Spacek (Zadina) 0: 2. 23. Radil (sastra, sulak) 0: 3. 27. Sukel (Fasco-Rudas) 1: 3. 40. (39: 49) Sulak (Spacek / Auschlus Pospisil) 1: 4. 44. Stransky 1: 5. 46. ​​Blumel (Stransky, Moravacic) 1: 6. 49. Bako (Holsinski, Book) 2: 6. 59. (58:57) Pospisil (Sehlrich) 3: 4. 40. (59: 43) Hajek (Heinzel, Smejkal) 3: 4 (ins lire tor).
Punishment: You 3 minutes 2 minutes.
Observations: Slovakia with Hudsek (41st Huska), Czech Republic goal with Will. Slovakia from 59:23 to 59:46 without a goalkeeper.

Switzerland – Great Britain 6: 3

Switzerland – Great Britain 6: 3 (2: 1, 4: 1, 0: 1)
Riga, Olympic Sports Center. – SR Frano / Sir (CZE), Hynek / Ondrešek (CZE).
tore: 11. (10:31) Hoffmann (Korvi) 1-0. 12. (11:10) Kirk 1: 1. 17. Loeffel (Sherway, Seigenthaler) 2: 1. 26. Kirk (Richardson, Hammond / Exclusion Hishier) 2: 2. 31. (30:07) Alatalo (Korvi, Hisier / Exclusion Lake) 3: 2. 31. (30:20) Bertsky (Sherway) 4: 2. 37.Bertschi (Diaz, Sherway) 5: 2. 38. Hissier (Kurashev) 6: 2. 54. Connolly (Kirk, Hammond) 6-3.
Punishment: 3 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Müller) against Switzerland, 4 times 2 minutes against Great Britain.
Switzerland: Berra / Nieffler (from 41st); Diaz, Muller; Loeffel, Seigenthaler; Untender, Moser; Alatalo; Rod, Bertsky, Sherway; Anbuhl, Korvi, Hoffmann; Herzog, Hissier, Kurashev; Meyer, Vermin, Andrigato; Kites
Great Britain: Bounce / Whistle (now 41.); David Phillips, O’Connor; Tetlow, Richardson; Clements, Swindlehurst; Ehrhardt; Connolly, Hammond, Kirk; Dowd, Perlini, Lake; Betteridge, Lachowicz, Hook; Jonathan Phillips, Myers, Duggan.
Observations: Switzerland without Simian, Pruplan (both injured), Genoni, Geisser, Frick and Heldner (all redundant).
Post / picket section: 44. Hoffmann, 59. Seigenthaler.
Shots: Switzerland 53 (19–22–12); Great Britain (7-8-0).
power play: Switzerland 1/3; Great Britain 1/2.

Group b

Canada – Finland 2: 3nP

Canada should expect help from Germany or Latvia to reach the quarter-finals. The Maple Leafs lost the last group game against Finland after a penalty shootout. If Germany and Latvia, to which both of Canada lost, share the points in tonight’s straight duel, the proud hockey nation will only be able to finish fifth in Group B.

Canada led most of the game, thanks to an early goal from Brandon Pirie and a quick response from Maxim Komtois (29th) after equalizing with the Finns in the 22nd minute. But four minutes before the end, Artu Rutsalen equalized the game for Finland. There were no hits in extra time.

Canada – Finland 2: 3 (1: 0, 1: 1, 0: 1, 0: 0) nP
Arena, Riga. – SR Bjork / Nord (SWE), Lundgren / Yeletinen (SWE).
tore: 2. Piri (Villardi, Ferraro) 1: 0. 22. Sweden 1: 1. 29. Comtois (Brown, Mangiapen / Auschlus Lundel) 2: 1. 57. (54:00) Swedish (Lundale, Ozamaki) 2: 2.
penalty shootout: Lundell -, Piri 1: 0; Caskey 1: 1, Perfetti -; Menlanon 1: 2, Villardi -; Swedish 1: 3, Heinrich 2: 3; Pakarinen -, brown -.
Punishment: 1 time 2 minutes against Canada, 2 times 2 minutes against Finland.
Observations: Canada with Kuemper, Finland with Olkinuora in goal.

Italy – USA 2: 4

With a win against Italy, the USA won a group victory in Group B. With six wins and only one defeat, Americans can be more than satisfied. Kevin LaBank and American team’s best scorer Conor Garland ensured a safe win with two hits each.

The Italians would have to concede defeat after seven games without a win, as expected after the group stage. He did not get a single point. Nevertheless, they will also be able to take part in the World Cup next year, as the relegation was suspended this year.

Italy – USA 2: 4 (0: 3, 1: 1, 1: 0)
Riga, Arena. SR Romasco / Sidorenko (RUS / BLR), Goljak / Lasarev (BLR / RUS).
tore: 7. Labank (Shea) 0: 1. 11. Labank (Benyers, Clending) 0: 2. 20. (19:45) Garland (Robertson, Tennyson) 0: 3. 22. Fridge (drilled) 1: 3. 30. Mala 1: 4. 47. Giliati (Auschluyse Thompson; Frigo) 2: 4.
Punishment: 2 times 2 minutes against Italy, 3 times 2 minutes against USA.
Observations: Italy with Fadani, USA with Oettinger in goal. Italy without a goalkeeper from 58:00. – Italy timeout (59:25).

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These 19 talents have to be kept in mind in the Ice Hockey World Championship


These 19 talents have to be kept in mind in the Ice Hockey World Championship

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