IKEA removes a popular dish from the menu

IKEA removes a popular dish from the menu
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Ikea is in a riot because a certain product has now been banned from the furniture giant’s restaurants.

The reason why this food is no longer offered in Ikea restaurants has sparked a heated debate.

just removed from menu

The restaurant is extremely popular at Swedish furniture store Ikea. Families and couples, singles – all visitors like to come and go here. Be it coffee or a staple food, Ikea is also a frontrunner when it comes to gastronomy.

Especially classic dishes are very popular at Ikea. Meatballs with sauce, a slice of Swedish cake or an ice cream. No matter when it is meal time when the furniture giant is visited, the restaurant offers everything your heart desires.

choice with great effect

The innovation that is now available at Ikea is not met with enthusiasm by all restaurant guests. but unlike. The “small idea – big impact” thing has now sparked heated discussions that are making waves.

Actually, the furniture store just wanted to take something off the menu to set an example. But this very thing has now become the cause of much anger and severe criticism. Even die-hard Ikea customers express little understanding.

strict action taken

Ikea’s idea was that soon fry would no longer be offered in restaurants. However, customers are less concerned with the potato sticks and more with the way Ikea communicates the end of the fries. For example, Ikea customers say they don’t want to be educated by a Swedish furniture store.

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Ikea was told that they are now deliberately avoiding fries. It should show stability and should also be healthy. The production of fries consumes a lot of CO2. On the other hand, boiled potatoes are more sustainable and healthier. At least Ikea does.

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