In live ticker for Switzerland against Canada stream

In live ticker for Switzerland against Canada stream

Early Verdict: Sutter makes it 5:3.Image: Keystone

The Swiss did well for the remaining two days. Switzerland beat Canada 6–3 in Helsinki, are the only team without losing a point at the World Cup in Finland and are aiming for a group win.

National coach Patrick Fischer’s team impressed across the board. The mixed performances of the middle of last week in 3:2 against Kazakhstan (Tuesday) and 5:3 against Slovakia (Wednesday) were forgotten. This time the discipline was just right, even though Timo Maier overtook the Swiss again five minutes after only 224 seconds. Meyer accepted the penalty in high spirits – and it remained the only one against Switzerland until the 52nd minute. The intention to be strict and aggressive as in the first game, but with a little more tact and tact was implemented.

The Swiss turned on the Siegestrasse in the second section. Nico Hisier gave the Swiss the first lead in the 27th minute with the second goal (4:3) of the power play. The Swiss were reassured with a majority and scored two goals out of three powerplay opportunities. Canada were not able to capitalize on their strongest phase at the start of the second period, before being given a target of making it 3-4.

The Swiss took the lead in the 27th minute, but they laid the foundation for success in the first half. The Swiss got their first fine performance when they easily overcame the five-minute deficit at the start and could have even taken the lead with a man less on the ice (two great chances).

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three defender goals

Above all, the Swiss put up with the fact that the game didn’t go down well for him in the beginning. A first Swiss goal (by Nico Hisier) was later canceled (video referee).

This decision could have been something else. Then the Swiss fell behind three times – and was able to react immediately three times. After 59 seconds of 0:1, 82 seconds after 1:2 and 48 seconds after 2:3, the Swiss again managed to level. Michael Fora (1:1) and Jonas Siegenthaler (3:3) scored their first goals in the World Cup. In the middle, Dean Cookan (2:2) also scored with Fora and Siegenthaler, a defender.

However, later the Swiss strikers also did their best. Nico Hishier in 4:3 and Pius Sutter in 5:3, both with victories demonstrated why they regularly set the offensive tone in the National Hockey League. Timo Meier extended the lead to 6:3 with a shot in the empty goal. Leonardo Genoni also impressed in the Swiss goal, although the champion goalkeeper scored two goals in the first half, which should have angered him. But Genoni, who was in front of goal for the third time in the fifth game (and should be No. 1 for the remainder of the tournament), kept up with a false start and shattered his usual calm after the first break.

against France on Sunday

Also notable: Andres Anbuhl played his 120th World Cup game and took the lead in this “eternal” ranking, ahead of German defender legend Udo Kiesling. Anbuhal also reassured his record game even though he did not get any scorer points. But he fought as hard as ever and twice instigated the Canadian penalty.

The World Cup for the Swiss continues against France on Sunday evening. However, it is already clear that the Swiss team will play against Germany for the group win on Tuesday morning (11.20 am). A win against the Germans guaranteed Eisgenhausen first place after the preliminary round – no matter how the game against France ended.

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The biggest challenge for the Swiss team in the remaining days of the World Cup will be to be able to perform in every match against Canada as they did against Canada – even if there is no rest for two days in a row from now on. In the first half of the World Cup, the form curve dropped significantly after successful starts against Italy and Denmark. With quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals from Thursday, this should not happen in the second week.

Canada 3-6 Switzerland (3-3, 0-1, 0-2)
Helsinki. – 5676 spectators. – SR Heikkinen/Halund (FIN/SWE), Davis/Spur (USA/CZE). ,
Door: 12 Johnson (Barzal, Graves) 1-0. 13. Fora (Meier, Kurashev) 1:1. 15. Lullaby (Butterson exclusion!) 2-1. 16. Cookan (Hishier, Corvi/Butterson) 2:2. 20. (19:03) Batherson (Barzal) 3-2. 20. (19:51) Siegenthaler (Sutter, Malgin) 3:3. 27. Hishier (Cookan/Exclusion Anderson) 3:4. 44. Sutter (Malgin, simian/pun indicated) 3:5. 59. Meier 3:6 (in the empty gate).
Punishment: 4 times 2 minutes against Canada, 2 times 2 plus 5 minutes against Switzerland (Meier).
Canada: Thompson; Severson, Sanheim; Whitecloud, Chabot; Holden, Graves; mayo; Roy, Dubois, Cojens; Anderson, Lowry, Silinger; Batherson, Barzal, Johnson; Geeky, Mercer, Comtoise; O’Dell.
Switzerland: Genoni; Cooken, Siegenthaler; Fora, Janice Moser; glauser, geyser; perch; Ambuhl, Korvi, Herzog; Kurashev, Hisier, Maier; Simian, Malgin, Suter; Thurkoff, Burtsky, Sherway; riot
Comments: Switzerland without Marty (ill), Miranda, Bera (both extras) and Ashleymann (backup goalkeeper). Anbuhal was awarded for the 120th World Cup game (world record). – Hishier’s 10th goal denied for a goalkeeper handicap. – 38th Crossbar Comtoise. – Shots: Canada 25 (12-7-6); Switzerland 27 (13-5-9). – Power Play Yield: Canada 0/3; Switzerland 2/4.

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