World Cup game on Monday – Canada continues despite defeat – Italians and Brits dropped – SPORTS

World Cup game on Monday - Canada continues despite defeat - Italians and Brits dropped - SPORTS
World Cup game on Monday – Canada continues despite defeat – Italians and Brits dropped – SPORTS – SRF

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beat again

Canada had to come off the ice for the second time in a row as the loser.

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  • Canada lost 2–3 to Denmark in Group A at the World Cup in Finland, but are still in the quarter-finals.
  • Italy is beaten by Kazakhstan 2:5 and left behind.
  • In Group B, Austria won the big game to stay on against Great Britain 5:3.
  • Czech Republic defeated USA 1–0 and qualified for the knockout stage.

Group A

Canada – Denmark 2:3 – After a 6–3 loss to Switzerland, the Canadians were keen to react against Denmark. This venture went wrong. The strong Dane took a 2-0 lead in third place first thanks to Marcus Lauridsson and Peter Regin. Mathias Bau took the lead again in the 52nd minute after a Canadian goal from Max Comtois. North American Ryan Graves couldn’t do much more than 2:3. Despite the bankruptcy, the Canadians are in the quarterfinals, as at most one team can be better than the Danish and Slovakian pair after 7 rounds. One point is certainly enough for the Dane to advance against the Slovaks on Tuesday.

Kazakhstan 5-2 Italy The last game of the group stage saw the final between the Kazakhs and the Italians to remain in the top division. The Central Asians, who had previously gone 6 games without a point, won 5–2 and overtook Italy in Division I. Kazakhstan were the better team, after 2 periods the shooting ratio was 25:11 in their favor. Although at that time they were leading only 3-2. At the start of the final third, however, the decision was taken by the team of coach Yuri Mikhailis. Roman Starchenko and Nikita Mikhailis scored in the 44th and 47th minutes to level 5-2.

Group B

Austria – Great Britain 5: 3 – Like Group A, Group B also featured in the fight against relegation. The Brits needed a win against Austria after 60 minutes to make the miracle happen. It looked good for a long time, after 2 thirds he led 2:0, after 46 minutes 3:1. But with the knife on their necks, the Austrians really changed things. Dominic Heinrich, Benjamin Nissner, Thomas Raffle and Peter Schneider changed the game with their goals. Great Britain is relegated to Division I.

USA – Czech Republic 0:1 – The duel for third place and preliminary qualification for the quarter-finals became a close affair. The Czechs won the game 1–0 against the United States and secured their ticket to the knockout stage. Match winner Matej Blumel scored in the 8th minute. The Americans may complete the push in the last 8 on Tuesday. One point against Norway is enough to progress.

SRF 2, SportLive, May 22, 2022, 7:00 pm;

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