Teams and Most Important Rules: It’s an NBA Crash Course – US-Sport NBA Basketball

Teams and Most Important Rules: It's an NBA Crash Course - US-Sport NBA Basketball

Everyone knows basketball. But do you know the most important terms and conditions related to NBA? SPORT BILD offers you an NBA crash course.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is an American professional basketball league for over 70 years. In 1949, the NBA emerged from the BAA (Basketball Association of America), which was founded in 1946. By 1953 the league consisted of 17 teams. The most influential and successful team in the early 1950s was the Minneapolis Lakers. For the 1953/1954 season, the NBA was expanded to 25 teams. Among the new franchises were the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks.

In 1976, the NBA acquired minor rival league ABA (American Basketball Association). This merger created four more NBA franchises (the Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and New York Nets).

As of 2004, the NBA consists of 30 teams (29 from the United States and one from Canada)!

NBA teams are divided into two disciplines (Eastern Conference and Western Conference). Both the conferences are divided into three parts in turn.

The three divisions of the Eastern Conference are Atlantic, Central and Southeast:

the Atlantic

Team city
Boston Celtics Boston, Mass.
Brooklyn Nets New York City, New York
new York Knicks New York City, New York
Philadelphia 76ers Philly, Pennsylvania
Toronto Raptors Toronto Canada


Team city
Chicago Bulls Chicago, Illinois
Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland, Ohio
Detroit Pistons Detroit, Micho
Indiana Pacers Indianapolis, Indiana
Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The three divisions of the Western Conference are the Northwest, Pacific and Southwest:

North West

Team city
Denver Nuggets Denver, Colo
Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota, Minneapolis
Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Portland Trail Blazers Portland, Oregon
Utah Jazoo Salt Lake City, Utah


Team city
Golden State Warriors San Francisco, California
la clippers Los Angeles, California
la lakers Los Angeles, California
Phoenix Sun Phoenix, Arizona
Sacramento Kings Sacramento, California


Team city
Dallas Mavericks Dallas, Texas
Houston Rockets Houston, Texas
memphis grizzlies Memphis, Tennessee
New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans, Louisiana
San Antonio Spurs San Antonio, Texas

NBA Terms and Conditions

in great shape

an empty NBA basketball court

Photo: AFP

For basketball you need a field, two baskets and a ball. Here you will find the most important terms and conditions:

  • The game is played on a field 94 ft (approximately 29 m) long (29 m) and 50 ft (approximately 15 m) wide.
  • Two teams of five players each compete against each other.
  • In addition to the starting five, each team has seven substitutes.
  • The players’ positions are center, guard and forward.
  • Points are scored by throwing a ball about 3 meters high into the opponent’s basket.
  • The team with the most points wins!
  • A hit near the basket garners two points.
  • A hit thrown behind the so-called 3-point line earns three points.
  • The team gets one point for a free throw.
  • A free throw results from an opponent’s foul.

There are four different types of fouls in the NBA:

  • The most common is a personal foul (unauthorized contact by an offensive or defensive player).
  • Technical glitch (technical error or inappropriate behavior).
  • Non-player-like foul (unnecessarily difficult contact).
  • Disqualification Dishonesty (assault or insult).

A player is disqualified from play in the NBA after committing six normal fouls, two non-playing or technical fouls, or one disqualifying foul.

Other rules in the NBA:

  • A game is played in four quarters of 12-12 minutes each.
  • An attack by a team cannot last more than 24 seconds.
  • This 24-second clock is also called “shot clock”.
  • The ball can only be played in its own half for eight seconds.
  • The ball is out of bounds when the ball itself or the player in possession of the ball touches the ground outside the field of play.
  • If a player steps on the line at the edge of the field, he is out!
  • A player can dribble the basketball to go across the field. When he stops dribbling, he is only allowed two more touches before he can throw or pass the ball.
  • Under no circumstances may the ball be played with the foot, leg or knee. This foul is called footplay.
  • Every NBA team coach has a so-called “Coach Challenge”. If he demands it, the previous referee’s decision is checked through video evidence.
  • Timeouts are also available for each team.
  • Both teams have one 20-second time-out and seven full time-outs (1 minute and 15 seconds) per game.


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