Wolfsburg’s Ice Hockey Ace Fine Ruske: Two wins, but World Cup tickets continue to tremble

Wolfsburg's Ice Hockey Ace Fine Ruske: Two wins, but World Cup tickets continue to tremble

She survived the first cut, can she survive the second now? After a tough test game schedule at Fusen with two games against Austria, the wait for Lalit Rashke resumes. Grieszils Wolfsburg ice hockey defender, who left home shortly after game two on Thursday, hopes to buy tickets for the World Cup in Canada (from May 5, Germany starts May 6 against Japan). High school students will probably find out over the weekend whether it will work. Then national instructor Franziska Büsch (once played for the Grizzlies) wants to announce the line-up for the final course. The woman from Wolfsburg is expected to be there.


From 16 April, a team will prepare for the World Cup in the so-called bubble. The departure will take place on 22 April, then already under test specifications of the World Union. It is possible that the roster will be expanded first and then reduced again for departures. Rashke is expected to be invited again for the first time. A few weeks ago, she missed playing an international test match against Switzerland with an injury.

Since she moved to women only last year, games against Austria were important for 18 years at Füssen in the eyes of DEB president Franz Rindle. The former German U18s captain said: “I am happy with my performance, I have done everything I can now. Now I have to wait, then I hope to get more information later this week. “

She is the youngest player among the DEB women. Not only is the World Cup on Rashke’s mind, it can also be called for Olympic qualification in November.

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There was a 5: 1 in the first game against Austria on Wednesday, 16 (!) Hours later with two Tests against the neighboring country team. It was 2: 3a. V. “We should have been more aggressive,” said Rashke, who, unlike U18, with whom he had formed in the elite group a year and a half ago, was with women. Not yet used in the power play, but has been carried forward.

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