Inexpensive luxury watch police launch crackdown in Frankfurt – long queues

Inexpensive luxury watch police launch crackdown in Frankfurt - long queues

Queues sometimes several hundred meters long: the presentation of a new clock has attracted many to the inner cities. Somewhere the police were also on duty.

The launch of the new watch collection saw long queues in many major cities of Germany on Saturday. New version of “Speedmaster”, a joint watch collection of manufacturers Sample And the Omega, about 250 euros less than the original watch, is believed to be the first watch on the moon.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin He is said to have worn a copy of the brand on his Moon Walk in 1969 – the watches have since been traded among collectors for several thousand euros. In frankfurt At the beginning of the sale there were several dozen People In front of the branch near the main guard.

in Berlin kurfuerstendam There were also several hundred people in line for the new watch, “Morganpost” reports. Capital, This also Police Was on duty because of the crowd, the report said.

New watch from Swatch and Omega: “Speedmaster Moonwatch” costs around 250 Euros. (Source: Swatch)

On the stage Twitter There were pictures over the weekend too Hamburg To watch, Joe is about to show a queue several hundred meters long in front of a Swatch branch at the Alster Arcades.

Meanwhile another user posted a photo of dozens of people in front of a branch of the watch maker on Shadowplatz Düsseldorf,

Manufacturers Swatch and Omega introduced the watch on Thursday. Watchmen is offering eleven different models of the new watch, each based on a specific celestial body The Solar System are named.

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The new watch was not supposed to be available online, so those interested had to go to a local watch store around the world. he should probably be tall snake Explain on Saturday. According to a report by Swiss “Blick” this Saturday, a shrewd marketing coup that led to the creation of entire city centers not only in Germany, but also in Australia, France and Italy.

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