Is Russia looking for an excuse to invade Ukraine? Kiev accused Moscow of spreading “fake news”.

Kiev talks of “fake news”
Russia: Ukrainian “saboteurs” killed

First a destroyed Russian border post, then another incident with five Ukrainian dead: Moscow reported two attacks on Russian soil in a matter of hours. Ukraine talks of “fake news”. Is Russia looking for an excuse to attack?

The Russian military says it has killed five “saboteurs” arriving from Ukraine on Russian soil. Russian news agencies, citing the military, reported that “five men” violated the Russian border and were “eliminated”. In addition, during the morning incident in the Rostov region, two Ukrainian military vehicles tried to cross the border.

The Ukrainian military dismissed the reports and spoke of “fake news”. There are no Ukrainian units active in Russia’s Rostov region.

Russian news agencies previously reported that a Russian border post had been shot down from Ukraine. On Monday morning, “an unknown type of grenade fired from Ukrainian territory completely destroyed a border guard post in the Rostov region,” the agencies reported, citing the Russian FSB secret service, which is also responsible for border security. Is responsible.

Soon after, the Ukrainian military announced that the information was not accurate; They did not fire grenades at the posts. Ukraine’s military spokesman Pavlo Kovalchuk said, “We cannot stop them from creating fake news – but we always insist that we do not shoot in any area or in any area of ​​civilian infrastructure or Rostov region.” are not.”

Attack excuse?

Western officials have been warning for days that Russia may use an excuse to attack Ukraine. The situation on the ground is extremely tense and it is difficult to independently verify the statements made by both the sides. In a frantic international effort, intense efforts are being made to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Tensions continue to rise in the Donbass conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. In the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, separatist leader Denis Pushilin called on all men to arms to fight Ukrainian government forces. Ukraine has repeatedly insisted that it is not planning an attack against pro-Russian separatists. In return, Pushilin spoke of a massive shelling from the Ukrainian side. This information could not be verified. In Donetsk, two schools, a hospital and a substation were affected, officials there said.

thousands of ceasefire violations

Women and children in particular were brought to Russia in buses and trains from areas controlled by pro-Moscow separatists. Tens of thousands of people came to emergency shelters in different parts of Russia. The men had to stay. “I call on the male population, who can take up arms, to report to the district military commandos and stand up for the safety of their families, children, women, mothers and our fatherland,” Puschalin said.

Observers at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) reported thousands of breaches of the recently agreed ceasefire. Ukraine insisted that the fire be returned but did not attack. It is not verifiable. Officially, Ukraine has been withdrawing from an additional agreement to the current ceasefire since autumn. “We have no restrictions on opening fire. Each commander makes his own decision on the spot,” said Alexander Pavlyuk, the commander of government troops in October.

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