Ishin revealed, coming to PS5 in 2023

Ishin revealed, coming to PS5 in 2023

RGG Studios, the developer behind Giants yakuzaseries under SEGA, is with Like a Dragon: Ishino Unveiled his first project, which will be released in February 2023.

Like a Dragon: Ishino Sees itself as a historical action-adventure set in a fictionalized version of Kyoto in the 1860s. Ishin tells a story of how the legendary samurai era disappeared. The protagonist, Sakamoto Ryoma, is a real historical figure who is credited with overthrowing the shogunate and leading Japan into the Radical Reformation.

“Fans will recognize our protagonist as Kazuma Kiryu from previous entries in the franchise. In Ishin, Kiryu is cast as Sakamoto Ryoma, along with the rest of his crew. Goro Majima and other yakuza figures join Ryoma as friends and foes in this fantasy world that trades the charming streets of Tokyo for the chaotic bustle of 1860s Kyo. These new character dynamics are as exciting as they are unexpected, with a series of mind-blowing twists and turns in a story only RGG Studios can tell. ,


Like a Dragon: Ishino

On the gaming side, it promises a swordsman style with a deadly blade, as well as a gunman style with a revolver that swings like a sword. Eventually, it will even be possible to break an entire skull with your bare fists, brawler-style.

Otherwise, Tigers can be called upon to kill your enemies and use heat actions to discover new moves each stage of the game. Mini-games and in-game features are also back on board, all powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Like a Dragon: Ishino Will release in February 2023.

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