WhatsApp is planning a major innovation: Deleted messages may soon be saved

WhatsApp is planning a major innovation: Deleted messages may soon be saved

The developers behind the popular messenger WhatsApp currently have a few innovations up their sleeve. Like the always thought provoking blog “WABetaInfo” informed of, they want to give users the opportunity to restore deleted messages in the future. If you tap “Delete for me” on a message in WhatsApp in the future, it will disappear, but an info bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

There you can use the “Undo” button to bring back the message. This should work even if you delete the message for all chat participants. However, this option is only present for a few seconds. So users have to make a quick decision to restore.

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WhatsApp is working on several convenience features

However, as of now, this feature of WhatsApp is still in internal development. It may take weeks or months for the final version to arrive. Then the feature should have gone through enough test cycles to be easily accessible with WhatsApp users.

Just a few days back, “WABetaInfo” found that WhatsApp wants to further customize the chat messages and give more options to the users. Users also have the option to edit them after they have been sent. You can read more about it in Contribute to WhatsApp’s Innovation,

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