The penultimate Battlefield 2042 – Battlefield 5 beats EA’s shooter flagship

The penultimate Battlefield 2042 - Battlefield 5 beats EA's shooter flagship

Battlefield 2042 is losing more and more players. Five weeks after its release, over 80% of fans on Steam are gone. Battlefield 5 does even better.

Update from December 29, 2021: Battlefield 2042 is getting darker and darker. Meanwhile more than 80% of players have migrated to Steam. At the time of release, more than 100,000 fans raved about EA’s new shooter, now fewer than 20,000 are (via steamchart) This means that the game regularly goes beyond Battlefield 5.

name of game Battlefield 2042
Release (date of first publication)t 19. November 2021
Publisher Electronic Arts (EA)
seri Battle field
developer dice, criterium game, ripple effect
Forum PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
Style first person shooter

This is a hard blow for the EA. The publisher of Redwood City had actually announced that it wanted to be with the game for a long time. Without a player, the EA has to ask itself to what extent this investment is worthwhile. Especially since Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 is supposed to release no earlier than March 2022 according to leaks. Therefore it cannot be assumed that the shooter will win new players in the near future.

First report from November 30, 2021: REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Battlefield 2042 was released to Early Access players on November 11th and worldwide on November 19th. accessible. But even though many fans and players are looking forward to the new Battlefield – many are disappointed after the debut of the latest offshoot of the otherwise very popular Battlefield series from EA and DICE. And the first patch didn’t change that much. This is also clearly expressed in the number of players on Steam now.

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Battlefield 2042 on Steam: More than half the players gone – after less than 3 weeks

What it was like when it debuted on Steam: The new Battlefield on Steam started off pretty well. It was one of the platform’s best-selling games at the time of release and had over 105,000 simultaneous players at its peak when Early Access began on November 11. Since then, however, there has been an essentially uncontrolled downtrend that has just reached a new low.

So this is currently in Battlefield 2042 on Steam: Yesterday, 29 November, the number of simultaneous players fell below 50,000 for the first time and was Only 39,018 players at the top, So Battlefield has lost a lot of players. While this is usually a normal development, the numbers in Battlefield have actually dropped drastically, with the game now losing over half its player base on Steam after less than 3 weeks. And the trend forecast points further downward.

Reviews are also correspondingly negative. Battlefield 2042 is currently rated as “Mostly Negative” on Steam. Of the over 60,000 reviews, only 35% (from verified Steam buyers) are positive.

What is so special about this? Yes, Steam does not represent all Battlefield players on PC, the game is also available through other platforms such as Origin. But the development of the number of players on Steam is in itself a very good indicator, which allows to draw conclusions about the overall development of these numbers and can be representative as a trend.

what are the reasons? The reasons are summarized below:

  • Technical issues such as strong frame drops on consoles (even the next generation) and performance issues on high-end PCs
  • Remedy and bug
  • Balance problems with weapons/vehicles
  • Too many questionable design decisions (e.g. experts, maps that are too big and sometimes loveless)
  • Basic features, missing from predecessors (scoreboard, server browser, etc.)
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While the developers have been trying to tackle many of the shooter’s problems, past patches have brought little solution. While these gradually eliminate many bugs and intense sources of fire, they do not change the basic direction of the game. And with its many, incomprehensible design decisions, this is exactly what is the No. 1 break on the fun for many.

When does Battlefield 2042: Season 1 start?

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Battlefield 2042: So It Just Continues

patch: Battlefield 2042 recently received its Update 2, which already fixes some of the most pressing issues. In early December, a massive patch will follow with over 150 changes, which will address other annoying problems in almost all areas of the game. But as of the current state, Update 3 for Battlefield 2042 doesn’t, in theory, solve any of the game’s deep core problems. So it is questionable whether this will actually change anything in the general mood of the players.

season’s: Battlefield 2042 is to be supplied with new content through the regular season, 4 of which will be available in Year 1. However, Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 will not begin until early 2022 – when exactly is not known. You can find out more about it here: Battlefield 2042: First Information About Season 1 – Start Date and Content.

But the tenor of many is this: Was it any good when the roadmaps for the first months after a game’s release were still filled with new content, not just apologies and bug fixes.

What about pre-season? The pre-season should also coincide with the launch of Battlefield 2042, which should offer, among other things, weekly missions and rewards or a time-limited mode and other experiences in the Battlefield portal. But almost 2 weeks after the regular launch, nothing of the pre-season is being seen. Maybe it will start with the big Update 3 in early December. Although officially no one has heard anything about it yet.

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