Comment: Franz Rindl’s example shows that sports officials use all their moves

Comment: Franz Rindl's example shows that sports officials use all their moves

It’s about money and power: the game has an image problem – most of the officials are responsible for it. It is not enough just to look at athletic performance.

The game has an image problem. It has less to do with their athletes than they are in the public eye. Rather, it is about managing employees at the top of unions and organizations. The most recent example is German ice hockey. There it is fermenting behind the scenes. This is because of the less transparent behavior of DEB chairman Franz Rindl.

Things are fermenting behind the scenes at DEB. This is because of the less transparent behavior of President Franz Rindl.

Photo: Tobias Hase, DPA

This once again shows that it is not enough to simply follow the performance of athletes in sports. All the tricks are used behind a bright background. Because the game there is no different from the rest of the world. It’s about money and it’s about power.

Some federations have built up structures over the years that make it easier for the characters involved to exert a personal advantage over the game. There is often a lack of control. The committees responsible for this are either only on paper or are made up of loyal colleagues. The external critical gaze is not particularly popular with those at whom it is directed. They like to build the foundation for the success of their athletes. The German national ice hockey team is very successful right now. However, after sunbathing, Rindle may face stormy times.

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