Why Apple is afraid of iMessage for Android

Why Apple is afraid of iMessage for Android

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Apple has refused to port iMessage to Android for years. The reason for this comes out Publicly available documents In a lawsuit with epic games. Accordingly, the group anticipates a slowdown in iPhones sales if it also provides Messenger for the competition.

In the lawsuit, the game developer accused the iPhone manufacturer of hindering competition, especially since Apple binds users to the “ecosystem” of its own iOS operating system. iMessage plays a major role in this.

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Some employees are cited in the document to confirm Apple’s resistance to iMessage porting. In an internal email, App Store owner Phil Schiller said that it would hurt the company well.

Software boss Craig Federighi also said IMessage for Android will only “serve” so that iPhone families are no longer prevented from purchasing Android smartphones for their children“.

How the process will run remains to be seen at the moment. Epic Games sued Apple after the company banned Fortnite from the App Store. Game developer wanted Payment of bypass commission to Apple. Futurezone reported.

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