Islamists insulted as a “calf”: Taliban abducts serious professor

Islamists insulted as a "calf": Taliban abducts serious professor

insulting Islamists by calling them “calfs”
Taliban kidnaps serious professor

Public outcry has become rare in Afghanistan. In a televised debate in November, Professor Jalal dubbed the Taliban spokesman a “calf” in the heat of the moment and called for freedom of speech and reforms. Now he has been picked up. Many are worried about his future fate.

The militant Islamist Taliban ruling Afghanistan has arrested a professor who has earned a nationwide reputation for public criticism of his regime. Taliban intelligence officials escorted Kabul University professor Faisullah Jalal from his home in the Afghan capital that afternoon, his wife Masuda Jalal reported on Facebook. Hours after the incident came to light, a Taliban spokesman also confirmed the arrest.

The professor, who belongs to the Tajik ethnic group, had a live debate with a Taliban spokesman on television on November 21. He criticized the Taliban for suppressing their critics and on one occasion referred to the spokesman as a “calf”, a grave insult to the country. Faisullah Jalal said in the debate, “People do not have bread to eat. How is the security? No one can say anything.” tv senders, The Taliban will have to reform because people are fleeing the country under their rule. Several Afghans stood behind the professor on social networks and used his photo as their profile picture.

concerned about your safety

The law and political science lecturer had already been a frequent guest on televised debates in previous years and was known for sharp criticism, which also met with former presidents Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani. The video of the discussion took to the internet and went viral, and Jalal was highly praised for his courage. However, many people were also concerned about his safety.

“The Taliban has never tolerated criticism and free speech and has called for the professor’s immediate release,” said Patricia Gossman, Asia director of human rights organization Human Rights Watch. The Taliban took power in Kabul in mid-August last year after the withdrawal of foreign troops. Since then many former government officials have been killed or arrested.

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