Jessica J. Lee: Travel Memoirs Between Canada and Taiwan | Radiotex | Bavaria 2 | radio

Jessica J. Lee: Travel Memoirs Between Canada and Taiwan |  Radiotex |  Bavaria 2 |  radio

“This time I came alone. I am thirty-one and have pledged to improve my sugar for three months, but not to write, but to hike (…) by the attitude of the street vendor, who every evening at 7 Is next to. ” -Leven takes a stand in the corner, the smell of chowduf coming down the street. “

(Jessica J. Lee, two trees make a forest)

Buchcover: Jessica Lee: "Two trees make a forest" (Maths and Seitz Berlin) |  Image: Maths and Sage Berlin

It all started with the discovery of a letter from Gong, Grandpa Jessica J. Lees, who – suffering from Alzheimer’s disease – could only write his life story. The now 35-year-old granddaughter, born in Canada and currently teaching at the University of Cambridge in London, then moved back to the island of Taiwan, where both her grandfather and grandmother spent most of their lives. Jessica j. Lee’s autobiographical book “Two Trees One a One” describes this attempt to close the gaps, Increased access primarily A culture that is so foreign to them.

Memory & Rock: Hike Taiwan

“From family history, I passed through green, dangerous times that are beyond my comprehension: a deep, bottomless period of geological time. I spent many of my days in the hills among the trees, and came out when I came out of them. Gone. I found myself in the clouds. “

(Jessica J. Lee, two trees make a forest)

View of Sun Moon Lake in the Middle Mountains, the largest inland body of water in Taiwan.  |  Picture: picture combine / dpa |  Yuri Smituk

Jessica Lee also walks along the picturesque-moon lake – to read in her poetic memoir “Two Trees Make a Forest”.

In an effort to explore this island of extremes, situated between tectonic plates and opposing cultures, to move closer to the culture of her ancestors, Jessica J. Lee sensitively exposes the extent to which human fate is protected from geographical forces. Is related. This particular type of synergy is based on her own biography: a Welsh daughter and a Taiwanese woman received her PhD in “Environmental History and Aesthetics”. As an environmental historian and author, Lee is fascinated by the interrelations between man and nature, memory and geology, phenomena and poetry. Her last book was for “My Year in the Water” (Piper, 2017) in Brandenburg jumped 52 out of more than 3000 lakes in the area Regardless of the weather – to get a sense of home for his (limited) time in Berlin.

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Nature writing, memoir and history of migration

“I must not walk this path alone. This is not a place that can be learned, at least I cannot. I belong to the forests of a very large, cold country, where sugar is boiled and sugar poured. Goes. In the snow. So that it turns into a toffee and does not squeeze it on a mountain slope made of reed. I speak in the wrong tone, only half my counterpart can understand me. My world is divided in half. “

(Jessica J. Lee)

Taipei 101 Skyscraper |  Picture: picture-aligned / dpa

View of the capital of Taiwan and the eleventh tallest building in the world – “Taipei 101”.

Inspired by a desire to understand the upheaval that first led his family from China to Taiwan and finally to Canada, Lee with his high mountains, open lowlands and dense forests used the island to stay with all his ancestors from his ancestors To understand the history of. And Raj. It is unfair to cast a very critical view on the former colonial rulers of Taiwan. Lee takes us through the mountains, which are home to Taiwan’s golden chickens, report on rare birds and macaques, swim in cedar-covered lakes and drag us into the back roads of Taipei, capturing the aroma and aroma Are filled with His travel memoir is a sublime self-exploration, a poem, rich in metaphors. Attention to landscape and cultural forms, But a family story about war and migration once around the world.

“Two trees make a forest”

About memory and migration in Taiwan

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