Jocko and Klass paralyze the broadcast in ProSieben

15 minutes in ProSieben
Trouble with announcement: Jocko and Klass paralyze the broadcast

Jocko Winterscheidt (left) and Klass Heufer-Umlaf secured 15 minutes of airtime.

© Stephen Gregorovius / ProSieben

Jocko Winterschild and Klaas Heffer-Umloff used the airtime they had obtained for testing and pulled the plug on the ProSieben. Both the mediators had prepared something for an emergency.

On Tuesday’s “Jocko and Klass vs ProSieben” Jocko Winterscheidt and Klass Heffer-Umlauf received 15 minutes of airtime. While two moderators last used their minutes to pinpoint the protests in Iran, this Wednesday had fun again. Because the two had planned something special: test the emergency plan in ProSieben.

Joko and Klass are testing ProSieben’s emergency plan

In the beginning, Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umloff insisted that they were in fact connected live. But what actually happens when the transmission breaks down? That’s exactly what the two moderators wanted to know. So the two first called ProSieben’s broadcaster boss Daniel Rosman. Both wanted to know what the emergency plan would look like in the event of a disruption.

There is an emergency program that will run automatically in an emergency, Rosman explained to the two. Winterscheidt and Hüfer-Umloff remembered that they had prepared an emergency tape for such a case – but years earlier. The next moment, the two were already standing at the ProSieben broadcast center, where all employees wore masks to protect their identities. The moderators apparently had fun and pressed a few buttons – the picture on the television at home was already spinning.

Emergency Band of Joko and Klasso

In the end, they both went to the technical room, as Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf wanted to reach the “heart”, where all the live signals come together. As soon as we arrived, the cable started pulling wild. This clearly left the co-worker present with him sweating. “We only want to play emergency tapes,” Hufer-Umlauf assures. Then they stood right in front of the appliance and had to do only one thing – pull the plug. “Do you want to say something else?” Hufer-Umlauf turned to his colleague Winterschild. “We like to entertain you,” he replied with a laugh.

Heufer-Umlauf already pulled the plug and shortly after the screen went black. “Unrest. We will continue soon” was to be read. But it wasn’t long before emergency tape really took charge. It was an old parody from the times of “Circus Halli Gali” – In it both perform the song “Josin z Basin”., The whole thing plays twice as planned, until the later program “TV Total” starts. ProSieben’s emergency plan appears to be working.

ProSieben also spoke: “Yeah, it worked, Jocko and Klass. Satisfied? Test pass?” It says on Twitter.


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