Johnson receives a series of disapproval from predecessors

Johnson receives a series of disapproval from predecessors

The Prime Minister of Britain wanted to celebrate the anniversary of Checkers Manor with his predecessors. Unfortunately, they have a problem: All previous prime ministers have had different dates – with one exception.

The British Prime Minister will be at a dinner to mark the 100th anniversary of the Checkers Country Estate boris johnson only as reported by his predecessors Theresa May Hi. As the “Times” reports, all other surviving prime ministers had declined the invitation for Saturday evening due to other dates. In addition to the former heads of government of the Labor Party, Tony Blair And gordon brown, also an ally of Johnson’s party John Major And David Cameron. Major’s wife Norma wants to attend.

Checkers Trust, which owns the venerable building complex in the English county of Buckinghamshire, wants to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the house as the country residence of British Prime Ministers with this event. David Lloyd George was the first British Prime Minister to live in Checkers following the private donation of the house to the House of Commons in 1921. Since then, office-bearers have often spent their weekends at country estates about 65 kilometers from central London or have welcomed guests from around the world, such as the recent Chancellor. Angela Merkel.

For Johnson and May, who were reportedly to be flanked by several other guests, the meeting should bring back memories: Johnson stepped down as foreign minister in the May cabinet shortly after a lengthy cabinet meeting at Chequers in 2018. Had given – in his opposition to the Brexit deal.

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