Jumping problem: F1 drivers praise FIA ​​initiative car engine and sport

Jumping problem: F1 drivers praise FIA ​​initiative  car engine and sport

Canadian GP 2022

Most drivers welcomed the fact that the FIA ​​was getting involved in the controversy over jumping cars. Health is top priority. However, there is disagreement over how dramatic the problem really is.

After the race in Baku, discussion of new ground effect cars sprung up gained momentum. The FIA ​​has sent a technical directive to teams in Canada, which aims to prevent racing cars from jumping. The World Union justified the intervention with concerns about the safety of drivers.

Most of the affected people welcomed the initiative. In the press conference on Friday morning (June 17), practically all the pilots spoke positively about the measures taken. For some drivers, such as George Russell, this measure doesn’t go far enough. On the other hand, Max Verstappen has warned against changing the rules during the season.


Lewis Hamilton still feeling after the Baku race.

We have written for you the most interesting statements of pilots:

George Russell: “We’ll have to wait and see how the whole thing goes for now, but I think it’s more of a band-aid than a real solution. We still have to discuss this topic more. Unfortunately, many teams have their own Follows the agenda. We’ve heard complaints from Carlos, Max and Checo during the season on the course, but now that their cars are strong, they clearly don’t want to change anything because it can only have a negative effect on them. Shame. It’s a matter of prioritizing performance over safety.”

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“The problem in Baku was so bad that I couldn’t read whatever was on my pitboard. I also saw a video of Lance not being able to move the buttons on the steering wheel because the car was shaking so hard. We all There are many aspiring athletes who all want to win. But we can’t risk the integrity of our bodies.”

Charles Leclerc: “Of course, it doesn’t look good when you see Lewis getting out of the car after a race in Baku. But we have to look at it carefully and take into account the data from different cars. I don’t think it’s all .. If we go up the height of our car, that’s fine.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “Every time we get in the car we take a lot of risks and push ourselves to the limit. But it’s not about who’s the bravest. You just drive straight and you get a wild ride somehow. That’s a risk, that it’s not under our control. Another problem is the sitting position. It’s not exactly conducive to the type of stress. It’s the posture that makes us particularly vulnerable.”

Fernando Alonso: “We didn’t get the set-up right in Barcelona. I had twice the bounce now in Baku than at Mercedes. And that was bearable for us. Of course, it’s always difficult for our drivers to ask the team to drop performance . To make it more comfortable for the driver. That’s why we asked the FIA ​​for help.”

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Mercedes - Canadian GP 2022


Mercedes wants to reduce bouncing with a large cut-out in the underbody.

Sergio Perez: “Engineers are trying to shrink the chassis to improve performance, but there are limits. The FIA ​​had to intervene to stop the trend.”

Pierre Gasly: “As drivers we should not have to choose between our health and performance. A solution must be found that is fair to all and ensures that we do not suffer any physical damage after 10 to 15 years in this sport . Because I also think young drivers who are only coming into Formula 1 now.”

Max Verstappen: “Whether we have the advantage now or not, I don’t think it’s right to change the rules in the middle of the season. But I also understand that you have to act when the drivers can’t take it anymore. It’s a complicated matter.” There are many sports in which the athlete’s body suffers over the course of a career. Soccer players have knee problems, motorcyclists break bones all the time. The sport you love requires some sacrifices . Some teams are affected more than others. So you can’t over-dramatic it. We’ve got a lot of smart guys here, so I think by next year we’ll have a solution to this problem.”

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Lewis Hamilton: “We still have these cars for the next four years. So we not only have to reduce the buoyancy, we have to get rid of it completely. Driver health and safety have to be given top priority. In the last race we had to reduce the load. Measured up to 10 grams. That can’t be healthy. My discs don’t look good. I almost feel like I’ve shrunk a little. We can’t afford long-term damage.”

Kevin Magnussen: “During the season, the bouncing was sometimes worse, sometimes not so bad. It’s not pleasant, but we have to deal with it. When choosing a setup, of course, it’s always an issue. That’s what the FIA ​​had to do now.” He has done it. It was difficult for the teams to come to an agreement, which is why the FIA ​​had to intervene. It was the right move.”

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