Top topics of the week: Back to school and domestic helpers

Top topics of the week: Back to school and domestic helpers

First, a quick note from us: As part of our employee motivation program, our colleague Melanie got a new MacBook Air on Friday. Of course, soon to tell you about their impressions. If you also want to be a part of the team then definitely watch once. this job offer Feather.

But Apple at least has an attractive offering for students, students and employees of educational institutions. back to school campaign Starts and offers additional gift vouchers apart from substantial discounts on devices like the new MacBook Air.

A gift for my household chores is the Philips Aquatrio 9000, a dry and wet vacuum cleaner. you better read mine full test report Through. All I can say is this: I’ve never enjoyed wiping so much in my life.

News on and Building Block.Blog

p on fridayhilips hue one update Has been released, which has already given access to the new natural light feature. Today the backtrace is as follows: There is a warning from the app and the search that can be used to find the scene has been disabled. Exciting news in the Building Blocks blog too: we have new lego vegetable delivery truck saw and give two sets From the manufacturer 3-in-1 series.

All the major topics of the week at a glance

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