“Kardashian”: Harry and Meghan’s surnames have so much in common

"Kardashian": Harry and Meghan's surnames have so much in common

if the first three episodes of this in a few days harry and meghan netflix documentary are available from the streaming giant, the British royal family will be watching very closely. Which overt or covert charge will be the new job on the Royals prince harry (38) and duchess meghan (41) include?

Sussex: Many revelations about the royals

The couple, who are building a life away from “the company” in the United States, have proven many times in the past that they don’t shy away from public controversy. already you scandal interview with Oprah Winfrey (68) March 2021 clearly showed they are most likely seeking attention while dealing with their experiences with the Royal Family.

“Kardashian”: Dirty Nicknames for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

Prince Harry and his wife already have that a lot of criticism brought in Some observers don’t understand why the couple keep airing their dirty laundry in public instead of trying to talk it out in private – a move the royals are said to have offered.

According to “mirror.co.uk”, palace insiders have a new, unpleasant nickname for the glamor couple: “KardashianThey are pointing to the fact that, like reality stars, the Sussexes want as much attention as possible, not least for survival.

This couple has had weird nicknames before. Duchess Meghan was probably called “Duchess Difficult” (in German: “The Hard Duchess”). should the documentary really have a goal to hurt the royals furtherNew names may be added.

Prince Harry: “No one sees what goes on behind closed doors”

The revelations made by the Netflix documentary Sussex should only be the initial highlight. already in january Prince Harry’s Memoirs is about to be published. Deep knowledge of the life of the palace is also expected from them.

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The royal family is currently sliding from one uncomfortable position to another. Eventually, he had to deal with the new season of the Netflix series “The Crown,” which some feared would tarnish the new king’s image. So now the Netflix documentary about which Prince Harry said in the trailer: “No one sees what goes on behind closed doors.”

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