Kate Merlan had already parted ways with Benjamin in front of the summer house!

Kate Merlan had already parted ways with Benjamin in front of the summer house!

reality tv starlets kate whiting (34) Reveals a great secret! Tattoo Model is currently with her friend jacob jareki Feather Temptation Island VIP To see where the two are going to test their relationship. even with your ex Benjamin Boyce (53) The beauty had already submitted for the stamina test in 2019 – In Notorious summer house of stars, After this, the tethers flew neatly between them. After the broadcast, they were a little surprised their separation declare. but now revealed cat: you and benjamin Actually divided before the summer house!

that he chatted Desiree Nicks (65) Podcasts “loose whore” From: “We received the request for a summer house six months before we moved in. We also got approval very quickly and then it took six months to start – And we were actually more or less different at this point than we are pure.“pictured next cat: “Before no one knew. It’s a big secret. It was a disaster.”

be really cat And benjamin Summer home is also on the verge of cancellation. “Because I thought: Everyone will notice that we’re not really one!” The 34-year-old remembers. But why did he do this anyway? “In the end we went there only because we signed the contract”Explained cat, “We just got on with it. We said: If a miracle happens, maybe it ties us together so strongly that we start all over again. But it was very unlikely…”

Kate Merlan, April 2021
Kate Merlan and Benjamin Boyce in “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” 2019

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Benjamin Boyce in Mallorca
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