Volleyball Sitting at the Paralympics: What You Need to Know

Volleyball Sitting at the Paralympics: What You Need to Know

Squatting volleyball, a sport for athletes at an international level physical disability, officially known as the Paralympics on the men’s side during the 1980 Arnhem Games. It was only included as a women’s event in Athens in 2004 after more than 20 years in Athens. 1956 in HollandThe players combined the rules of volleyball and soccer, a German sport in which the players sat without a net. now it’s over 10,000 athletes around the world According to Paravolley World, seated volleyball is being played. Read on to learn more about this fast-paced, team-oriented sport.

What is volleyball and what are the seating rules in volleyball?

Sitting volleyball is a form of volleyball in which players play sitting down and have a lower net than its volleyball counterpart. The dish is also small. The rules are similar to the International Volleyball Federation, the International Volleyball Federation, with some changes. Teams of six sit on either side of the court. Athletes have to maintain some kind of ground contact between their buttocks and shoulders throughout the field of play. “The exception is “raising” off the ground. The ball is permitted when played in defensive action below the level of the net at the moment of contact with the ball,” states Olympic.com.

Three touches of the ball are allowed, with what Olympic.com calls a “legal block” before players hit the ball over the net. In most cases, players cannot hit the ball twice in a row. There are two classes or classifications of disabilities for athletes, and impairment can be found in the upper or lower extremities (or both): VS1 for more severe disabilities than VS2 athletes in general. Teams can have a maximum of two VS2 players, but can only play on one field at a time (Calio McClay Vom Team USA He is a VS2 athlete.

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How is volleyball rated?

A maximum of five sets are played per game – winning the best five sets is achieved – and a team with 25 points wins a set, possibly 15 points in the fifth set by at least two points ahead. If the teams are tied on 24, You play until there is a two point leadThe seating for volleyball is regulated by the International State of Parvoli. Points are scored in different ways: when the team successfully hits the ball over the net and onto the defending team’s field of play, or when the opposing team “makes a mistake” or receives a penalty.

Why should a volleyball player wear a different jersey?

Libero focuses on defense in volleyball, sits and can replace any player in the back row without a substitute count. Like his volleyball partner, this player wears a different jersey than the rest of the team.

Volleyball Sitting at the Tokyo Paralympic Games

There is a pool of eight men’s teams – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Iran and the RPC – and eight women’s teams – Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Japan and Russia (also known as the Russian Paralympics). ) Committee), Rwanda and the United States. Chinese women have won gold medals at the Paralympic Games in all sports since Athens 2004, except Rio 2016, when American women caught gold. Iran is the defending champion in the men’s race and has the most gold medals in Paralympic history. Let the game begin!

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