Katja Riemann and Volker Schlondorff: star crowd in Schermutzelsee | Entertainment

Katja Riemann and Volker Schlondorff: star crowd in Schermutzelsee |  Entertainment

Film Festival with Katja Riemann and Volker Schlondorf ,

The crowd of stars in Schermutzelsee

Not only Venice or Cannes entice the acting elite in front of the screen, but Bad Saro too!

Yes, you read that right: the small spa town of Brandenburg, with 6100 inhabitants, is famous not only for its thermal springs, but also for its cinema festival “Film Without Borders”.

What once started as an insider show, the four-day event is now celebrating its tenth anniversary and is also decorated with A-listers. How did creators Susan Surmondt and Tanya Berndson do it?

Moderator Jörg Howe in conversation with festival directors Tanya Bernsen and Susan Suermondti

Photo: Stephen Kremple

Oscar winner Volker Schlondorf (83, “The Tin Drum”), who opened the tenth edition of “Film Without Borders” with star actress Katja Riemann (58, “Fack ju Göhte”), explains this on his preference: “I’ve really always liked small independent festivals on the big red carpet where everyone celebrates.”

like this time In Venice, at the oldest film festival Of world. And how did the legendary director come to visit the country instead of Lido this weekend? “Because you engage in intense conversations not only with coworkers, but also with the audience,” Schlondorf says.

“In the paddock next door the horses watch on the screen, and in the barn where the movies are shown, there are bales of straw, which are somehow very special.”

Jörg Howe (64) also sees it in the same way. The former editor-in-chief of Sat.1 (now working at Daimler Trucks) has been supporting the film festival for years with talks of his “Be a Mover” series and tells BILD: “The two festival directors manage , even together difficult subjects with the help of his films to get people to talk to each other.”

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And so, despite an almost over-supply of film-related festivals around the world, cultural greats will continue to make pilgrimages to Brandenburg.

For example crime god Ferdinand von Schirach (58, “The Colinie Case”) and cult director Detlev Buck (59, “Bibi and Tina”). Two artists arrive at the end of the festival. But certainly not the last time.

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