Klaus Gehrig is no longer the head of the Schwarz Group

Klaus Gehrig is no longer the head of the Schwarz Group

July 02, 2021, 12:31 pm.

nekarsulm Black Group surprisingly announced on Friday afternoon (July 2) that Klaus Gehrig was stepping down from the retail group due to a disagreement with owner Dieter Schwarz.

Klaus Gehrig

Change of power in one of the largest German retail groups: Klaus Gehrig, the head of the Schwarz Group (Liddle, Kaufland), has surprisingly resigned from his position. The manager decided to step down unintentionally because he was unable to come to an agreement with owner Dieter Schwarz about a very important person, Schwarz Group announced Friday.

Gehrig is considered the architect of the retail conglomerate that created the Schwarz Group along with Lidl and Kaufland, one of the largest retailers in the world.

The Schwarz Group also announced that Dieter Schwarz had discharged Gehrig with Magbe in order to regulate further collaboration in further discussions. He also thanked them for the great work they have done over the years. The relationship between Dieter Schwarz and Klaus Gehrig is still not unbroken.

Schwarz will now assume the role of general partner himself until designated Gehrig successor and current Lidl boss Gerd Krzanowski can handle the mandate.

anxiety with a partner

With Gehrig’s close teammates, panic looms large. “They set up shop here,” he says. And: “I never dreamed that it would one day end like this.” However, it is also emphasized: “This is not expulsion!” Gehrig apparently no longer works for the Schwarz group.

Meanwhile, the corporate group’s press offices have agreed not to give any information after the official announcement. “Too much has been written now” says just that. There has been anger over media reports over the past few days after Melanie Khaler left the Schwarz group, which also indicated a rift between Schwarz and Gehrig. At least – this is now confirmed in official communication.

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