“Like Chewing Gum”: Bushidos Anna-Maria Expected to Be Born Soon

"Like Chewing Gum": Bushidos Anna-Maria Expected to Be Born Soon

Anna-Maria Ferrucci (39) Apparently can’t wait to give birth to all three of her kids! The pregnant beauty and her husband have been worried for weeks and months bushido (43) to his three little unborn girls. Meanwhile, the calculated date of birth is drawing closer and closer—it’s clearly time for the three-to-mom: As Anna-Maria pushes on the conclusion of her final surge of pregnancy!

“The last two weeks just dragged on like chewing gum”The dark haired beauty complained to her instagram-Story. Since the announcement of baby news Anna Maria Their community with regular updates. However, over the past few days, she seems to be slowly losing the fun in her other circumstances. Apart from the beauty’s angry facial expressions, you can also see her XXL baby bump.

And he could hardly be fatter anymore. A few days ago the 39-year-old saw her growing middle still laughing. “First comes the meter belly and then comes”Made fun of the rapper’s wife. But who knows how long that will be – soon Anna Maria And bushido That is, to hold your children in your arms.

Instagram / anna_maria_ferchichi

Anna-Maria Ferrucci, October 2021
Anna-Maria Ferrucci and Bushido
Anna-Maria Ferrucci in September 2021

Instagram / anna_maria_ferchichi

Anna-Maria Ferrucci in September 2021
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