Matthias Schweghofer and Ruby O’Fee married? Gold! Her rings too… – people

Matthias Schweghofer and Ruby O'Fee married?  Gold!  Her rings too... - people

Two hands full… Luck.

Matthias Schweghofer (40) and Ruby O’Phee (25) welcomed the new year, kissing the golden yellow sun. But since not only do their eyes sparkle with love, but they also have delicate gold ornaments on their fingers, fans ask themselves: are they married?

The acting stars (“Army of Thieves”) begin the new year with several love snapshots, including this wonderfully thunderous photo: Mathias and his ruby ​​arm in arm — and arm to chest.

Schweghofer writes: “First pictures of the year. Give the ones you love a big kiss, a hug, and a big thank you for being in your life.”

Has he shared his life with Ruby more than he anticipated? Both wear gold rings in their ring fingers, which can easily become wedding rings.

What Happens to It: In a review of the year, the movie star called his sweetheart “my wife.”

Of course, none of this is hidden from Instagram users. They really only want to know one thing: can we congratulate the wedding – or what’s going on here?!

Mathias or Ruby don’t have the answer among the snapshots, but if you dig deeper into the poetry album, you’ll find it. Because the jewelry isn’t new—and supposedly, they’re not wedding rings.

They showed their love at Berlinale 2019 – and the gold ring can be clearly seen on Mathias’ finger Photo: DPA

In their first official appearance as a couple at Berlinale 2019 in February, these rings were already glistening on their hands.

In 2019, Matthias Schweghofer is said to have kneeled in front of Ruby during a walk in Hamburg with her – which included the ring. His management had denied the engagement at the time. According to the information of BILD, these are friendship rings.

A year later, Matthias himself said in an interview with “Red”: “We once bought two rings. In the sense that they are friendship rings.”

Which they taunt to this day…

Ruby's (friendship) ring shines here at the famous Amfar Gala in Los Angeles in early November

This is where the Ruby (friendship) ring shines at the Amfar Gala in Los Angeles in early November Photo: AmfAR. for Getty Images

Mathias and his fairy tale

Schweghofer and Ruby, whose full name is Ruby Moonstone Camilla Willow Fee, have known each other since at least 2014, when they made common cause on the set of the children’s movie “Bibi & Tina – Full of Bewitches.”

He as Prince Charming with a blonde wig, he as the conspirator Sophia von Gelenberg. After that, the two should have at least kept in touch, the set staff reported to BILD at the time.

Years later, in January 2019, Schweghofer made his separation from his longtime partner Annie Schrom (the mother of his two children) public and announced that he had a new woman in his life – Ruby.

Shortly after, her first, tender declaration of love: “Love you the most”, she commented on one of her Instagram photos. He replied: “Home sweet home”. The Berliner-by-Choice made it clear who she would feel at home with from now on.

The actors have been inseparable for three years. culmination? When they shone together in the late 2021 Netflix film “Army of Thieves” – and won America’s hearts.

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