Helen Fischer / Florian Silberesen: Who she sings about in her new song is immediately clear to all fans

Helen Fischer / Florian Silberesen: It's immediately clear to everyone who she sings about in her new song

Florian Silberesen and Helen Fischer together on the TV stage of “Schlagerbaum” 2019. (archive)

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Helen Fisher is back – she’s already releasing songs for her new album “Roush.” In the song “Full Power Ahead” she sings about an emotional breakup.

Munich – Helen Fisher And Florian Silberesen – They were the dream couple of German hits. Their relationship ended after ten years. Three years have passed since then. In her latest song from the album “Rauch”, which celebrated its world premiere on Friday (September 23) at 12 noon, the singer gets emotional and sings about the pain of separation, although she does not explicitly name Silberesen. Is. But between the lines of “Full Speed ​​Forward” your “Flory” can be read like a final farewell.

Helen Fisher’s New Song: “Absolute Power Ahead” – These Are The Lyrics

Helen Fisher shared these words with the world in her song – here is the text of the first verse:

“We were tired and on the ground”
we believed in ourselves
hold us in their arms and in every stream
With each other
we conspired together
we were our tailwind
But every journey has an end
until the next one
and parted our way
i know well
memory will live forever
Take good care of yourself!”

Avoiding “Full Speed ​​Forward” by Helen Fisher: “It Hurts, But I Have to Move”

In the chorus, Fischer thinks more about the future:

full speed ahead
back to sea
It hurts but I have to move on and so do you
full speed ahead
the horizon was supposed to be blue
It never stops, now everyone is looking for their home
full speed ahead

In the second stanza and in the bridge, a certain person is addressed directly:

It’s time to see you!
please don’t say goodbye anymore
just wanna know what the future holds
and how will tomorrow be for you

What’s flying, what’s landing
dived together in the sea
you were solid as a rock
now i just wanna trust myself

Helen Fisher About Her New Song: “Accept Changes And See Them As An Opportunity”

So Helen explains on Instagram how the song is interpreted: “It’s about the confidence to move forward with courage and determination, to accept the changes and see them as an opportunity. To the old with gratitude Quitting is an important part of it.”

Fischer continues: “I very much hope that with this song I will give you hope that we cannot stop the change in life and that we can only rediscover the belief that our destiny is predetermined. Have courage, There’s a lot ahead of you, ahead of you!”

Fischer and Silberesen are still close, as you can feel when the two appeared together even after being separated. Some fans even speculate that the song is about the journey of silver. One user wrote about the song under the YouTube video: “The song is coming on like a rocket and so inspiring for everyone who just broke up!”

“If I just broke up, the song will break my heart”

Another user wrote: “If I had just broken up, the song would break my heart.”

Another user says, “Maybe everyone has someone around who shoots you in the head with this song.”

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And one Instagram observer writes: “She said goodbye and every word came out of her heart.” (CG)

For the deluxe fan box of her new album, Helen Fisher herself was photographed by photographer Lena Tesh. Now the pop singer has shared four selected pictures with her fans.

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