Lisa Straub and rap star Drake: Dortmunderin gets a special honor

Lisa Straub and rap star Drake: Dortmunderin gets a special honor

Dortmund resident Lisa Marie Straub has quickly become a successful influencer. Mega-star Drake may be taking another step.

DORTMUND – Table tennis player Lisa Marie Straub (22) is heating up rumors about her love life. Her career is said to have taken off, at least online, after she had an affair with BVB star Mats Hummels (33). Now follows her superstar Drake (35) on Instagram.

surname Lisa Marie Straube
age 22
Habitat dortmund

Lisa Straube on Instagram: Her heart is taken

Lisa Marie Straube already has a staggering number of followers on Instagram – almost 50,000 people follow the Dortmund native on the social platform. However, she keeps a low profile regarding her relationship status, albeit with great interest from fans.

So far. During a Q&A, a follower repeatedly asked if Mats Hummels’ alleged ex was still unmarried. His reply: “No, my heart has already been taken”. However, he did not reveal who Lisa’s chosen lady is. “I won’t say much about it and I hope you understand.” a clear statement.

Dortmund resident Lisa Straub: Drake follows her on Instagram

Is this a coincidence or maybe a sign? Soon after the Dortmund native announced their relationship status, a new follower appeared on her Instagram profile, like Picture previously reported. And he is none other than one of the most successful musicians in the world – rapper and R&B singer Drake. (More news about celebrities and TV on RUHR24).

With his 111 million followers, Drake could also be a springboard for Lisa Straub’s further career. He doesn’t follow everyone. Only 2751 summoners can claim to be a follower to Drake.

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Spicy: Lisa Straub recently took a trip to Toronto in Canada, as she posted on Instagram — as is well known, the musician’s hometown. It is not yet disclosed whether his heart is actually given to Drake and what was the reason for the affected person’s stay in Canada.

Dortmund’s Lisa Marie Straub gets multiple TV offers

Lisa Straub not only revealed her relationship status to her fans but also about her career. When asked if he had requests for TV shows yet, he replied, “Yes, for some actually. But most of them were definitely not suitable for me.” With sentences like: “We’re looking for party-lovers and flirty singles”, she was straight out.

Since it looks like he already has a partner, he doesn’t even need it. Whether further signs will point to Drake in the future remains to be seen.

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