Liz Cheney: Republican parliamentary group leader openly opposes Trump critic

Liz Cheney: Republican parliamentary group leader openly opposes Trump critic

In a power struggle among Republicans in the US House of Representatives, pressure is mounting on the former president’s critic Donald Trump, Liz Cheney. It hardly seems possible that he will be able to prevent an imminent deselection.

Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the party’s parliamentary group in the Congress Chamber, told Fox News on Sunday that he supported Cheney’s internal party nominee, Representative of the House of Representatives Alice Stephanik, for the presidency of the Republican convention.

“We want to move forward as a unit – and I think that’s what will happen,” McCarthy said when asked if he had the necessary votes to vote for Cheney.

Cheney did on wednesday In a guest post for The Washington Post Urged his party colleagues to break up with Trump and appealed to him to “get away from the dangerous and democratic Trump personality cult”.

As the president of the Republican convention in the House of Representatives, Cheney is the third-largest lawmaker in his group. Trump is calling for her to be removed from the leadership position – and the party is clearly following the former president’s wishes.

Former president calls him “stupid”

Trump himself recently said: “Liz Cheney is a belligerent fool who has no place in the Republican leadership. Elise Stefanik is a much better choice and she has my full and total support for the post.«

With this gesture, Trump has clearly taken the lead in the House against Cheney. Number two, Steve Scalise spread the situation: “Republicans in the house should get back home in 2022 and focus entirely against the radical socialist agenda Joe Biden And Nancy Pelosi To fight. Elise Stefanik has conspired to fight it. “

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Therefore, he supported Stephanik in a possible vote. However, it is also controversial among the radical-conservative sections of the party, as CNN reports.

Party leans towards Trump in leadership dispute

Cheney is one of ten Republicans who voted with Democrats for impeachment proceedings against Trump after Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol in early January. The majority in the Senate needed to convict Trump did not come about at the time.

Since Trump’s defeat by his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the November election, controversy has erupted in the Republican Party. Republicans may have a vote to determine Cheney’s future on his post in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

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