Local Program Book on 86 pages

Local Program Book on 86 pages

Hettingen. The Hettinger hermitbrip appears every year in spring, which is a reflection of the Hettinger community life. Hemataverine is now releasing this document for the 52nd time, as the booklet is Heimatverine’s third area of ​​activity, in addition to caring for and maintaining roadside landmarks and landmarks, as well as patrons and promoters of local customs. From the beginning, the focus was on many of Hettinger living out of the city to write an annual report about life in their home community.

A person in charge

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A curiosity on Hettinger Heimtverin is that there is only one person who writes this document and who is solely responsible for the content. So far, Willie Kirkegner faced the task for the first five issues, then by former Mayor Karl Nohl until issue 18, and after his sudden death, his granddaughter Susanne Raub scored issue 19 according to her specifications. Carl McCart was then responsible. Responsible for issues 20 to 39. Gundolf Schehermann, president of Hematverine, is the editor since the 40th copy.

The cover adorns the warrior’s chapel at “Oberholzle”. © Carl Mackert

The domestic letter is sent free to more than 750 hattingers in Germany, with more than 40 items going to the United States, Canada, South Africa, and the Middle East. Editor Gundolf Sheherman has divided the 86-page events into 14 volumes, in addition to his greetings, village figures with 2475 inhabitants, and especially the monuments of the 35 dead in 2020.

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Special “Headdemer”

In addition to congratulations for the birth anniversary, there is a detailed report on the activities of Hematverine, which is followed by news from the parish and the political community. Many of Hettinger Wren’s activities, which occurred in a weakened form due to the pandemic in 2020, then took up a lot of space. About “Headdemer”, which has achieved something special, as well as events under the title “As and What Happened”. Contemporary history provides an interesting look at events from previous centuries to the present. The 52nd edition concludes with the publication of the names of several donors. KM

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