Raume’s Last Derby for Time: A Special Shamrock Day – Game

Raume's Last Derby for Time: A Special Shamrock Day - Game

Born in Nuremberg, he leaves Fürth in the summer –
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The final frankeredby for this time was not the best for David Raum. It will still be well remembered.

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Episode 48: The Derby, Rising Stars and Sentimentality

He probably played his first derby against ASN Pfeil. The time between the ages of four and eight. The playing field is just a few meters from Tuspo Nuremberg, where David Roum discovered football for himself. in SpVgg greuther fürth Again he soon discovered his talent, henceforth the room played against Derbys 1. FC Nuremberg; Only in youth teams, Later with the men, where he also made himself the so-called “derby hero” who was in the early summer in 2020 when he set the day goal in the 266th Middle Franconian comparison.

268th meeting Now it was his last time. After the season, Raum moves to Hoffenham. Last but not least, he proved that you can become a U21 national player in Franconia. Establishing yourself in the Bundesliga, perhaps becoming a player of the German national team, is not something you can do here. So it should not pull him back quickly.

In Hoffenheim, tradition is an empty phrase

In TSG Hoffenheim, officially named 1899, there are no derby-like items. The ambitious football project by SAP co-founder Dittmar Hope could easily originate in Heidelberg or Mannheim. Tradition is just an empty phrase from the modular system of the marketing department. Victorious? “I’m not worried about summer time yet, who will live in the here and now,” says full-fledged professional David Raum.

In the here and now, that is for the space after the derby and before the European Championship with the U21 national team. On Wednesday, he could make his third game for the most important junior selection, provided he is back in strength and national coach Stephen Kuntaj considers him.

“Of course it worries me,” says David Raum.

On Sunday, not only was Furath’s left full-back slightly overplayed, but he had a particularly unfortunate day. It was his glutus maximus in a 1–1 draw that made Enrico Valentini’s shot dangerous in the first place. He was later killed by Fabian Nuremberger and the result was 1: 2. His coach removed him from the field after 81 minutes.

Derby favorite and later equalizer! Shamrock in Personal Review

With a threesome, the shamrock could be caught with HSV. While it looked great initially, the first half was largely related to Furant. But in round two they were not able to curb Nuremberg’s offensive efforts and were only able to prevent a delayed defeat. Sports Editor Florian Jeneman with personal reviews. And how do you rate the people of the Forth? Grade it!

Ronaldhoff, who was about 22 years old at the time, could be heard, how disappointed it was to be 22 years old at the time. Raum threw a ball at the gang, scolded himself and sat down on the bench disappointed. He could not foresee that the day would finally be good for Spielverinig. “Of course it worries me that we were lagging behind,” he says later that day. Ultimately, Derby means a lot to him: “I’ve been with Shamrock since I was little and Dyer was a very special sport when I was younger.”

A good farewell as possible

It was also a special one; Because of the amazing twist and turn, especially the last one, When Dickson Abima equalized in stoppage time. From which you can tell Raume that he may have contributed to ensure that his last Franconian derby remains well in his memory. “I stressed that I want to say goodbye to here because I want so much for the club. This was true for the derby as well,” he says.

Was the point too low in the promotion race? “We really wanted to win this game, we all know how important the derby is,” emphasizes Raum, but: “In the end, we’ll take this point with us and you’ll see what it is. “

+++ after the derby: Leitl is aiming for the 50-point mark +++

Chance, fight, surprise: FCN wins late in Furath

In Frankanderby it was rarely about more – and it means something, because in Frankanderby it is already about a lot. But in the 268th edition of the neighborhood duel between Nuremberg and Forth, a three-point is really necessary for both teams. The club will have to win outright if it does not want to move in the direction of being charged. For Shamrock, on the other hand, it means: living with it – living with other aspirants for publicity, not to leave yourself behind. For this, three counters will be very important. As is well known, only one person can win – or in this case no one. Neither FCN nor Sports Association should really be satisfied with this point, but at least they did not go empty-handed.

U21 departs for European Championship

He is not engaged in arithmetic games in the second Bundesliga for the time being. Along with his teammate Anton Stach, he traveled to the U21 national team, EM is coming to the preliminary stages. Against Hungary (Wednesday, 9pm), Netherlands (Saturday, 9pm) and against Romania (6pm next Tuesday, ProSeben each) it is a question of place in the quarter-finals. “Of course I hope I’ll play and I’m looking forward to playing in a European Championship,” Raum said. Conversely, even such a special derby pales.

+++ Orschagnab: Derby Points like Shamrock +++

Early and late luck! So Firth cheered on Frankanderby

The first lead, meanwhile, surrendered the game completely, still scoring an equalizer in stoppage time: Cloverleaf battled for a point against 1. FC Nuremberg at Frankanderby – the first leg at Narnburg was also won. The game also had cheering – and how: here comes the most beautiful pictures!

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