Federal Foreign Office Calls China to Withdraw Sanctions

Federal Foreign Office Calls China to Withdraw Sanctions

The Federal Foreign Office has called on China to lift sanctions against EU lawmakers and scientists. “Chinese leadership should like their decision, MPs Reinhard Butikofer, But to approve the scientists, withdraw them immediately, “said the Minister of State Niels annen Editorial Network Germany (RND). He called Beijing’s decision “arbitrary” and “inconsistent”.

EU foreign ministers had Punitive measures against China decided on Monday. Four party and regional representatives, as well as an organization in Xinjiang province, were placed on the sanctions list. It is the first European Union ban against China for human rights abuses since the 1989 crackdown in Beijing’s Tianmen Square.

“The European Union has listed those in China responsible for serious human rights violations,” Annen said. “To deny MPs entry is an arbitrary and unforgivable decision.”

According to human rights organizations, Xinjiang has at least one million Uighurs And other Muslims were imprisoned in hundreds of detention camps. There he is allegedly forced to give up his religion, culture and language and in some cases he is also abused. Beijing dismissed the allegations and spoke of training and work programs to combat extremism in the region.

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