London: British police confirmed the body of a missing 33-year-old

London: British police confirmed the body of a missing 33-year-old

With pass London Body parts found This 33-year-old Sarah E. Is, which has been missing for days. The British police confirmed the identity of the body on Friday – in a case that was entirely Great britain Shocked. An elite policeman who has been in custody since Tuesday evening is suspected of murder.

The officer, who belongs to a unit for the protection of MPs and diplomats, was arrested for the first time in Kent, south-east England, on charges of kidnapping. A day later, the murder suspicion was confirmed against him. The man is on remand.

Meanwhile, the Police Supervisors Authority has intervened in the case. It is being investigated whether the London Police has properly responded to the complaint against the suspect for committing a nuisance in public, the authority said. It is said that 48-year-old Sarah E. Had exposed himself to a fast food restaurant in south London three days before his disappearance.

Sarah e. Had left the home of a friend of Clapham’s south London in the evening of 3 March and did not come home. For days the police sought clues from the public about the case. On Wednesday, officers searched buildings in London and Kent and in a wooded area near Ashford where body parts were found.

The woman’s disappearance and subsequent search shocked and shook the nation. The case sparked debate primarily on women’s safety. Prime Minister Boris johnson Wrote on thursday Twitter, is ┬╗Shocked and sad┬ź. This “terrible crime” must now be solved quickly.

The independent police inspection agency IOPC has conducted an investigation into the investigation of the case. She also deals with the question of how it happened that the suspect had to be hospitalized for a head injury on Thursday, with police saying that he had suffered injuries alone in a cell while in custody.

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