Lost Ark: Update on the new Europe region

Lost Ark: Update on the new Europe region

From Ronda Bachchan ,
The Lost Ark has had two major upkeep in the past week. The second keeper on February 17 should have been particularly interesting for EU players. Because it brought a second area for European Lost Ark fans, which was urgently needed after the crowd of players. Eight new servers are now available.

Shortly after release it was announced that Lost Ark is planning new servers for Europe, They were also necessary, because of the sheer number of players already in the game. facing server problem, In the meantime, new action RPGs matter, according to Amazon Game Studios Over 4.7 million players, With Europe West, a new region with eight additional START servers is now available.

Europe West with eight new servers

The new zone is available from 6 pm on February 17, German time. it was the day for him second maintenance of the week, According to the developers, opening up the wider arena was a complicated process that kept the teams at Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate RPG busy round the clock.

With Europa West, players now have eight more servers at their disposal. The developers believe that this will reduce the waiting time for Central Europe. Additional servers may also be opened depending on the demand and population. The eight new European servers are:

  • rethramis
  • tortoyko
  • moonlight
  • stoneharth
  • shedspire
  • tragon
  • petrania
  • Punika

Rose Who in the Lost Ark Login each day will receive attendance rewards. Players moving to new servers should not miss out on these rewards. Therefore, players who switch to Europa West will automatically receive rewards from the last ten days. In addition, New World players will also receive special daily attendance rewards for the first ten days after the server’s launch.

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