What happens in April and May?

What happens in April and May?

From Michael Miskulin ,
What’s happening in April and May in Lost Ark? The developers give a short view and promise timely publication of the roadmap.

After the developers of Lost Ark will report with a new developer diary Big update from 24th March back to the community. You declare that the planning of a roadmap for April and May is still to be finalised. With the upcoming roadmap, the developers promise a prior taste of upcoming classes, raids, continents and other changes.

Lost Ark. Last week’s game update for New bot-fighting systems were introduced. According to the developers, the number of bots can be further reduced. But of course you want to keep working on the problem.

Trial Arena season 1 begins

With the start of Season 1 of Competitive Trials Arena, developers have heard players’ concerns about ranking distribution. The team is looking to make some changes to improve the first competitive PvP season. In this way the new players will start the season with a silver rank. Players who started their season before this change will get an increase of 250 MR. In addition, the master rank is increased to 200 players.

Lost Ark and Company: Amazon Games chief resigns

In addition, the developers explain why the appearance rhythm of the skins cannot be accelerated so easily. In Korea, existing skins were released a few classes ago. According to the developers, it takes time for models with skins for new classes and related special weapons. Work is pending on some new classes.

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Last but not least, the developers warn against purchasing Steam keys through third party websites. This third party purchase is never secure as many steam keys are the result of fraudulent purchases from these websites. Encashment of such fraudulent keys in own account may result in account suspension.

Source: PlayLostArk

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