Lottery Wins: American Finds Its Luck in Spam Folder

Lottery Wins: American Finds Its Luck in Spam Folder

Spam has long been no longer just canned pickled meat, but is more familiar as a flood of unsolicited advertising emails. An American woman actually found a message in her mailbox that brought her luck.

One of the cool things about the new era is being able to retrieve treasures from television history on screen in just a few steps. Click, click, it walks in front of you, episode 25 The series “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, first aired on December 15, 1970. In a special sketch, hanging by thread, a man and a woman are lowered from the ceiling into a snack bar setting, with the rest of the guests: Vikings, the fur jackets, blondes wearing long hair wigs and helmets. The couple unceremoniously want to know what to eat here, and the waitress, played by a male comedian, rattles off the menu, “There are eggs with spam, which means canned pickled pork,” Bacon with “spam”, with “spam”. .. to make the plot a little shorter: at some point the Viking gang roars: “spam, spam, spam, cute spam, wonderful spam, cute spam…” They Just spam others, a situation that everyone knows today, and who exactly – note: fun fact! – is believed to come from this skit.

Because spam has long been no longer just canned food, but describes a flood of unsolicited emails with subject lines like “Secret business proposition” or “Impotence? Go and, of course: end up in the Spam folder. 55-year-old American Laura Spears recently spotted this while looking for an e-mail she believed had been overlooked. He also skimmed one of the Michigan lotteries. You are one of the winners! Ah yes, okay. However: didn’t he just buy a lottery ticket there? He is now three million dollars (2.7 million euros) richer. Fortunate.

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