Loudmouth rebukes Jauch: “The biggest egg that has ever sat on a chair”

Loudmouth rebukes Jauch: "The biggest egg that has ever sat on a chair"

Loudmouth rebukes Jauch
“The biggest egg that ever sat on a chair”

by Nina Jerzy

On the hunt for three million euros, Jauch becomes suspicious. The IT guy with the mustache puts on such a show that he realizes the ambition: “That guy is watching over my chair.” With testicle chattering and love delusions, Jauch finally fits in.

How big Lucas Korber’s reproductive organs really are, luckily remained a mystery to viewers. The arrogance of the IT consultant with the mustache and baseball cap is surely what Gunther Jauch said in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” went beyond the scope of (WWM) as it deems appropriate. Rarely have RTL moderators rolled their eyes as honestly as on Tuesday evening, the second day of the three million euro week (also available on RTL+). At first he found the candidate quite amusing. With his testicles flaring up, however, Jauch switched to alien shame mode. Before that he made himself an unprecedented mistake.

At the same time, Günther Jauch brought Korber to the brink of despair.

(Photo: RTL / Dirk Borm)

The 32-year-old candidate from Mühlheim an der Ruhr has been with his partner for 14 years, whom he has known since kindergarten. However, somehow, Korber suspected that his sweetheart was hiding something from him. Because Jauch constantly asked about an ex who is said to have been his girlfriend when she met Korber. At some point, fortunately, redemption for both men came off. “I think you’re confusing him with me,” one candidate solved the riddle. Korber was relieved: “And I thought there were completely new details.”

Jauch: “A Premiere”

As it turned out, Zoch had exchanged the information cards of the guests. “Great. It’s a premiere too,” he said after more than 20 years in WWM. “I force him to tell his story.” Beyond that, though, Korber didn’t have to be pushed into anything. Contrary to expectations, the poker fan, by his own admission, was suddenly very excited to be on the hot seat. But his quick-wittedness didn’t hurt. Two glasses of Kölsch may have played a role as well.

After a question emerged that the number of SMS sent to Germany in 2021 had increased for the first time in years (due to the increasingly widespread two-factor authentication via text messaging), Korber put the audience in direct competition. Addressed: “Write an SMS!” Jauch was a skeptic. “The man is looking at my chair,” he doubted, but he also had to hold on to it: “Oh my God, what kind of person are you?”

However, the candidates were still going there. When Jouch questions the correct answer given by Joker, in addition to Korber, that Uruguay and Sri Lanka are not completely below the Tropic of Cancer, the IT consultant interrupts him: “Stop it now. That’s right!” Jauch waved it out: “Bring the man another half-barrel of beer so he can calm down.”

In fact, Körber made it to WWM’s three-million-euro week as the second candidate for the 500,000-euro question. It was: whose first band was called the “Landsberg Barbarians”? The 32-year-old leaned heavily towards Elvis Presley and shared his inner monologue with the audience. “Balls or not? Do I have balls big enough now to take Elvis Presley? I have eggs, but are they big enough? So if I just take B and it’s right, I have great balls.” “

The Showman Tests Jauch’s Patience


Unfortunately, Sarah Neugebauer went home with only 500 euros.

(Photo: RTL / Dirk Borm)

At this point, Jauch could no longer stop rolling his eyes to the ceiling of the studio, and perhaps not because the candidate here confused shape with thickness. With the conclusion “Then I have probably the biggest balls that have ever sat in a chair here” only the pain-distorting closure of the eyes helped the moderator.

Luckily, Korber decided that you can still make yourself look fat and pass out if you pinch your pants. When the correct answer “Johnny Cash” was announced, he immediately saw another reason to celebrate. Korber is now heading into the finals with Robin Román from Monday’s opening episode with a prize of more than 125,000 euros. The higher the initial profit, the better the incentive Jauch promised to fight for a record amount.

As the first candidate for Super Week, Berlin’s Sarah Neugebauer failed to qualify for the final, a minimum prize of 16,000 euros. The student, who wants to work at the United Nations, fell to 500 euros because she relied on the extra clown. The woman was again good evidence of why the “only those who really know get up” request is quite appropriate – even if Jauch considers it unnecessary. Because the onlooker immediately offered to help without giving a clue. He only speculated, given the country’s overall rise in popularity, that since 2014, Korean filmmakers had won the Best Director Oscar five times. Neugebauer logged it, despite the trivial justification. In fact, however, the question was asked about Mexico.

Overhang candidate Johann Wiedmann from Glön may have been lucky with his extra Joker. The woman got up only when no one wanted to tip. She was also right in believing that the starred restaurant “Le Jules Verne” is located in the Eiffel Tower. Widman thought about it for a long time, but then preferred to walk out with 64,000 euros so as not to jeopardize his entry into the final. The final candidate on Tuesday evening, Christoph Klockner from Unterhatching, was able to defend himself in the hot seat even before broadcast time ended. So he returns on Wednesday, the last preliminary round during the €3 million week.

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