Reeve and Penny are now giving away a product exactly 14 million times

Reeve and Penny are now giving away a product exactly 14 million times

Reeve, Penny and Nahkouf have been giving away gifts while they shop since August 1. More precisely, while the stock lasts. But it is huge.

Cologne – For many people, when shopping for loose fruits and vegetables, supermarket The classic knotted bag is still the way of choice. The thin plastic bag usually hangs on the roll to be torn to the respective departments and it is also free.

So it’s no surprise that most customers still prefer reaching for the bag. However, in many households, when unpacking at home, these knotty bags immediately find their way into the plastic bin.

The supermarket chain agrees that it has a different way of conserving resources rave, Therefore, Reeve wants to work closely with subsidiaries. Pennies And Nahkouf now offers a real incentive to bag no lumps when buying loose fruits and vegetables, REPORT 24RHEIN,

Reeve is giving fresh food trap – Action against plastic waste from August 1

Starting August 1, Reeve, Penny and Nahkoff are offering their reusable fresh food nets at all branches nationwide when buying loose fruits and vegetables. The freshness trap can be scraped off and reused for the next purchase (further News about supermarkets and discounters on RUHR24).

Reeve and Penny are now giving away a product 14 million times.

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This makes them significantly more durable than classic knot bags. A total of 14 million such nets are available to give away as part of the free campaign since August 1. According to Rave, there are networks where customers can now deposit cash “while the stock lasts” under certain conditions.

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Reeve & Penny: The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Network now free

Penny Division Manager Ultra Freshness – Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Patricia Hirsch says, “With the reusable freshness net, our customers conserve climate and resources without the plastic knot bags and by reusing the net regularly while shopping. can easily contribute.” and plant.

Reusable fresh food trap at Rieu & Co.

In October, Reeve introduced a reusable fresh food mesh as an alternative to plastic bags for loose fruits and vegetables. The freshness net is washable and reusable.

This is to conserve resources and avoid plastic waste. It doesn’t matter when it comes to weight: Net weight is deducted at checkout.

The idea of ​​the Free Fresh Food Net is part of Reeve’s current sustainability strategy to “avoid. reduce. increase”. The traps were introduced in October 2018. At that time, they cost 1.49 euros in a pack of two. In 2019, Penny’s followed as a discounter and also introduced the reusable fresh food net.

List of rubrics: © Martin Wagner/Imago

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