MacBooks 2022: Apple’s secret plans revealed

MacBooks 2022: Apple's secret plans revealed

There was a new Mac at the last Apple event, but it’s not really mobile. Whereas if you were waiting for the new MacBook then you got nothing. But how long will it take for Apple to finally show us the new laptops? Now Apple’s secret plan has been revealed.

In the end, Apple only gets what macstudio and new apple studio display Out of the quiver, contrary to some predictions, there was no new MacBook to see. But when will the new notebook finally come from Apple? Mark Gurman – insider and Bloomberg reporter – now gives a rough answer to this (source: power-on newsletter,

MacBook Air and Pro: New laptop schedule revealed

Macbook Air: Basically, the beginning or spring of the year was in the room for the new MacBook Air. Now Gurman is correcting his statements and making them stronger. We can and should expect this in the second half of the year. Ming-Chi Kuo had formulated this even more precisely according to his statements. can be expected in september,

Then we can expect a completely new design, the ominous M2 chip from Apple and of course the MagSafe connection, which is already known from the new Pro models.

We can already count on a new design for the MacBook Air:

Macbook Pro: New versions and models presented only in the autumn of 2022 The 14- and 16-inch versions will no longer be available in 2022, Most likely they will be powered by the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips in one way or another, but Apple doesn’t want them to appear until 2023.

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This year Apple gives us a 13 inch model update introduction. According to reports, only the chip changes – M2 instead of M1. the rest remains Almost a MacBook Pro SE – New wine in old bottles. When is the model coming? There is no information about this. It was originally to be shown in the spring. Ergo: Either Apple Provides New Older MacBook Pros Arrived at the Same Time as MacBook Airs, or Maybe Even Before That,

Professional laptops won’t return until 2023:

In the future: Change every two years

If this is all true, Apple will probably be using one from now on Two Year Update Cycle for MacBooksThereby consumer and professional models are always optional with respect to processors:

  • 2020 – Apple M1: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (13-inch)
  • 2021 – Apple M1 Pro, M1 Max; MacBook Pro (14, 16 inch)
  • 2022 – Apple M2: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (13-inch)
  • 2023 – Apple M2 Pro, M2 Max: M1 Pro, M1 Max; MacBook Pro (14, 16 inch)

After this the rumor also fit in it, according to which MacBook Pro with 13-inch display could be called future MacBookAfter all it lacks the required Pro chips.

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