OnePlus Pad: Android tablet should be coming soon

OnePlus Pad: Android tablet should be coming soon

It looks like OnePlus has plans for a tablet with Android, as an entry in the EUIPO indicates “OnePlus Pad”. The entry was approved on July 1, so the tablet should probably show up soon (second half of the year).

The four “pads” expected from BBK

This move is not really surprising, because An Oppo tablet has been around for a long timehandjob One Vivo tablet too and Realme Pad is also confirmed – And these are brands of BBK Group.


So maybe once the tablet base has been developed and now we will also see realme pad, oppo pad, vivo pad and oneplus pad. I doubt everyone will come for the 2021 Christmas season.

I think it’s good, because Google has abandoned Android on tablets, but Samsung is still sticking to it, with Xiaomi planning a comeback this year and now the BBK group is joining in too – so some again Happening from

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