“Mälzer and Henssler Deliver”: The Burnt Fuses on the Fish – TV

"Mälzer and Henssler Deliver": The Burnt Fuses on the Fish - TV

These two had a lot of dirty tricks up their sleeves.

Star chefs Tim Malzer (50) and Stephan Hensler (48) aren’t exactly known for their patience. Now they were competing against each other in the new VOX show “Mlzer und Henssler Deliver” – and not just once attacked by unfair means.

Concept: The people of Hamburg set up a joint pop-up delivery service, everyone cooking for themselves in a small space. a good idea?

Tim Malzer to Build Before the Show: “We’re both two big eaters! We fight at eye level and give each other nothing.”

Malzer and Hensler share the workplace, but still cook against each otherPhoto: RTL / Hendrik Luders

What to cook Maltsters and Henslers for? A mystery. And to make matters worse, Star Chef will also have to deliver himself.

At the end of the day, customers award points for the best dishes. Of course, both fighters do not have a lot of time and know little about which food is suitable for whom. Hence the notes are intertwined in the form of receipts.

The chefs here deliver in person

The chefs here deliver in personPhoto: RTL / Hendrik Luders

In the first round, both the TV chefs obstructed each other’s speed cooking. The clue indicated a large family – so many needs to be met. Malzer gave the first whistle in the narrow pantry: “Dude, don’t get in my way!”

Hensler then took Malzer’s planned chicken teriyaki as “inspiration”—and cooked up just the same dish. Now Tim Malzer got upset again and said: “I can’t develop as many ideas as you are stealing!”

But Hensler already had the next trick up his sleeve: He secretly ordered surprise eggs from his assistant so that the family would have kids.

But they don’t just have to make deliveries, because celebrities who surprisingly stop by during the broadcast can also order on-site at restaurants. During the second round of cooking, for example, as presenter Ina Muller (56) put it: “I have a show and an idea, I’ll come to the biggest choleric people in town.” He ordered Hensler’s Spaghetti with Salmon.

And while the stressed-out celebrity chef was still preparing the meal, Tim Malzer grabbed his salt can and poured a heavy load on Ina’s spaghetti dish. Hensler’s hat coil snapped again: “Listen, you idiot!” Ina Nag said: “If she’s too salty now, I don’t want it.”

Ina Muller suspiciously tries spaghetti

Ina Muller suspiciously tries spaghettiPhoto: RTL / Hendrik Luders

But Malzer was still in a mood to cheat, as it didn’t look good for him: he had burnt the bread of another VIP guest, Judith Rakers (45), and was also behind on points after the third lap. He immediately hid a sign from Hensler’s receipt machine, which clearly said for a group of eight: no fish.

He asked the hypocrite: “Stephen, what are you cooking?” Hensler now reveals her cooking plans: tomato soup, a tuna. Malzer came out with a hint of fish, but Hensler didn’t believe him.

As if that wasn't enough tension already: Judith Rakers visits the bar in surprise

As if that wasn’t enough tension already: Judith Rakers visits the bar in surprisePhoto: RTL / Hendrik Luders

Malzer repeated his statement several times and was met with disbelief, until, enraged, he threw a plate on the floor and shouted: “No fish!” Desperate, he considered educational measures for his arch enemy: “I told him three, four, five times. Every time there was an argument. If it was my kid, it would have taken punitive action with Reintenz.”

However, this shortcoming paid off: at the end of the show, Stefan Hensler won with 16 to 15 points and was particularly happy about Mr.

She now has to do TV commercials for Henssler products.

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